Advertorial: A Combination Approach to Lip Enhancement

By Chloé Gronow / 14 Sep 2018

Dr Emma Ravichandran explains why she uses the new BELOTERO® Lips duo to create natural looking1, predictable and harmonious results2, that are tailored to her patients’ individual needs.

“In my experience, the combination of BELOTERO® Lips Shape and BELOTERO® Lips Contour allows me to address the entirety of the lips... BELOTERO® Lips offers the first combination approach to lip enhancement. Each product has been designed to address two different lip tissues, enabling me to truly tailor my approach to natural looking lips.”
 - Dr Emma Ravichandran, Aesthetic Practitioner

What is so different about BELOTERO® Lips

The true difference for me is the way in which BELOTERO® Lips and the full BELOTERO® range is manufactured. BELOTERO®’s patented technology is known as CPM® or Cohesive Polydensified Matrix® technology2,3. As practitioners in the UK and Ireland, we have a huge number of HAs available to us, BELOTERO® is the only cohesive polydensified matrix product, onthe market.

Why does that polydensity matter?

BELOTERO® products undergo two separate cross linking procedures, yielding areas of relatively high cross linking which are good for lifting and supporting tissues, and areas of relatively low cross linking which are good for blending into tissue requiring little or no support. Dermal tissues will not uniformly lose structure. Unlike a product with just a single density, the beauty of a Polydensified HA is the different density zones that can respond to the varied support requirement of the tissue, refilling different volumes of interstitial space is important in delivering a natural, even, smooth result1.

Can you explain the Rheology of BELOTERO® Lips

Rheology breaks down into three areas – cohesivity, elasticity and plasticity. When we look at BELOTERO® Lips, the two important rheological properties are cohesivity and elasticity.


The cohesivity of a product is the ability of that product to stick together. Cohesivity of a hyaluronic acid within tissues is of paramount importance to minimise product migration, specifically when treating the vermilion border. This cohesivity combined with CPM® technology enables optimal tissue integration, and even distribution, reducing risks of bumps, lumps1,4 and migration of the gel. In my opinion, the ideal product to treat the vermilion border is BELOTERO® Lips Contour or BELOTERO® Balance, this is because of its cohesivity.


Elasticity is the ability of a product to return to its original shape when placed under a stress. A HA with high levels of elasticity in the lips is crucial because of the constant functional movement of the lips. The elasticity of both BELOTERO® lips products is excellent, however the high elastic capacity of BELOTERO® Lips Shape makes it perfect for a natural-looking1, long lasting2 volumisation of the body of the lips. The tailored rheological properties of the BELOTERO® Lips duo mean they can be used alone or in combination to define, project and volumise the lips1, whilst giving a natural appearance at rest and on animation1.

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