Advertorial: An Alex laser to treat all skin types

By Chloé Gronow / 11 Jun 2018

Introducing Motus AY from Lynton, designed for the practitioner that values efficacy and the client who chooses “pain free”

British aesthetic technology manufacturer Lynton has formed a new partnership with Italian counterpart DEKA. With over 50 years of laser expertise between them, Lynton will now be supporting the Italian manufacturer in the launch of its “pain-free” alexandrite hair removal laser: The Motus AY. Lynton and their customers have witnessed a surge in consumer demand for “pain-free” permanent laser hair reduction treatments in recent years. “Pain-free” laser treatments, usually using a diode laser in a gradual heating method, have helped address the previously held notion that laser hair removal treatments are particularly uncomfortable. This provides salons and clinics more scope in persuading their clients to move away from more traditional and arduous methods of hair epilation, onto a less time consuming and often, a more profitable course of treatments for the business. When marketing “Pain-free” laser hair removal, it is important that operators clearly explain that the method can be a more gradual process than traditional laser treatment, (e.g. true Alexandrite 755nm) and that it can require regular top-up sessions. The new Motus AY Alexandrite laser overcomes all these issues.


The Motus AY is the world’s first “pain-free” primary alexandrite laser that is FDA approved for use on all skin types. Traditionally, the alexandrite has only ever been safe to use on paler Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin types, due to its exceptional melanin absorption capabilities and consequent risk of adverse reactions in darker skins. The Motus AY overcomes these restrictions, providing the advantages of “pain-free” laser hair removal but with the clinical efficacy and results associated with the alexandrite laser. Practitioners can now treat every client, regardless of skin type. A 20ml contact-cooled sapphire tip, combined with optimum peak powers (6,000W) and ultrashort pulse durations of up to 2 miliseconds, aid the Motus AY alexandrite laser when treating more challenging fine and fair hair. 


Traditionally, alexandrite lasers lose a vast amount of energy as it is reflected by the skin when delivered in a traditional shot-by-shot method. This results in a slow and sometimes very uncomfortable treatment. Moveo technology directly addresses this issue by delivering the alexandrite laser in constant contact with the skin, drastically reducing the amount of energy reflected. Using light circular movements at a reduced power allows the alexandrite laser to work at a reduced power allows the alexandrite laser to work at 100% efficiency, avoiding wasted energy. 


As with all Lynton-supplied systems, in-depth practical and theory-based training is free of charge and comes as part of an extensive post-purchase support network available to all Lynton customers. 

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