Advertorial: Implementing GetHarley into Your Clinic

20 Jun 2023

Dr Angela Tewari details how GetHarley can help dermatologists improve their patients’ skincare journey

Can you tell us about your career and where you practise today?

I love challenging dermatology cases, and I still spend some of my time working on those for the NHS at King’s College Hospital – it’s super medical. You can catch someone’s liver disease or liver failure by examining skin, hair and nails, because some conditions can indicate liver problems, for example. 

That really is where I utilise all my years of training. After medical school, consultant dermatologists spend another 15 years studying medicine, skin science and disease before becoming a substantive consultant dermatologist. You have to make some self-sacrifices over those years, but I really believe it sets you up and moulds you as a person and a practitioner.

I run the paediatric dermatology clinic, general dermatology and surgery lists at King’s three days a week. I also run my skin cancer screening clinic with my registrars and juniors. I got my consultant job in early 2020, and opened my private practice shortly after at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea.

Today, I divide my time between my private clinics at The Lister Hospital (every Tuesday), Wednesdays at The Clinic by Dr Maryam Zamani and my NHS work at King’s College Hospital. My private work includes cosmetic procedures such as injectables, laser and skin treatments.

Why did you join GetHarley?

Before working with GetHarley I didn’t sell skincare – I would give advice, but that was about it. I think I underestimated how big the skincare field is!

I joined as I was interested in understanding antiageing skincare more. I am now a huge advocate of Revision Skincare, skinbetter science, Epionce, Medik8 and NeoStrata, as well as others. Before GetHarley, I only really got to know certain brands due to their representatives making the effort to visit me. There are lots of amazing brands and products through GetHarley that I now know well.

One of the things I really love about GetHarley is that you know what your patients are using. You have total transparency regarding what they buy and what they re-purchase. That is so useful because before GetHarley I was just advising them what to use, but really didn’t have the knowledge of whether they were actually using what I suggested.

The team are amicable, and it was easy for me to join. The process was smooth as the team are so easy to get on with!

I really do love that I can send my patients prescription skincare, and also advise them about their everyday basic regime. For instance, cleansers are super important to get right. At the moment, one of my favourites is a vitamin C, brightening cleanser with salicylic acid – it’s brilliant!

What has been your patient feedback since partnering with GetHarley?

My patients love the service as they feel like they always have those touchpoints with me. The GetHarley concierge team does a lot of the communication for me for elements that don’t require medical expertise, which saves a lot of time. They really are like an extension of my team!

My patients really appreciate the service – the fact that it comes in a nice, personalised box to their door, and is prescribed by a consultant dermatologist, means they take it seriously and stick to it. GetHarley really helps with patient compliance.

Anything about partnering with GetHarley that surprised you?

How incredible it is to be part of a wonderful community, with lots of networking opportunities, not only with colleagues, but other professionals within the industry.

I absolutely loved attending The Aesthetics Awards with GetHarley. Everyone was dressed up, which is always good fun. I met lots of new people and it was so glamorous! I thought, how have I not come here before?

What would you say to someone looking to join?

GetHarley is really working for me (I’ve been told that within the first four months, my profits grew 170%) and I really enjoy working with the team. Whether you are consultant dermatologist, or an aesthetic doctor or nurse, give it a go I am sure it will work positively for those interested in skincare and in understanding the effects of topicals on the skin.

This advertorial was written and supplied by GetHarley

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