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14 Mar 2023

Dr Sindhu Siddiqi discusses the benefits of using GetHarley in her clinic and how it has increased her skincare sales tenfold in as little as three months

When did your passion for skincare start?

I started my aesthetics career in 2013, specialising in injectables, but I found myself always talking to patients about skincare. I have suffered with skin issues, particularly acne, so I could relate to my patients’ skin woes. The skincare posts on my social media always get more traction and engagement than the ones about aesthetics, so I started to focus on skincare for my patients more. I wasn’t offering any skin treatments at my clinic at the time, but I quickly changed this to meet patient demand. I realised that not everyone wants injectables, and I wanted to offer my patients a choice.

How did you sell skincare before joining GetHarley?

I didn’t really sell much skincare before working with GetHarley because it was too much of a faff. I had limited staff and logistically it was a mess. We would spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to sort out delivery issues, for instance. We weren’t providing a good service for patients. I didn’t want to give my patients a bad service as then they wouldn’t come back and recommend us, so I realised I shouldn’t be trying to do skincare unless I can do it properly.

I also realised that if I don’t sell skincare to my patients, they will buy it from another clinic and could be tempted to have injectables elsewhere. But I didn’t want to invest in lots of inventory as I don’t have the space. It’s also hard to know what will sell, and it takes time to figure that out. I realised that I could work with GetHarley in a more efficient way.

How has working with GetHarley changed your skincare financials?

Before working with GetHarley, we would barely make £1,000 a month on skincare sales. Now, it’s averaging £10,000 a month and we’ve only been with GetHarley for a few months, so it shows how much we can grow this part of our business. Soon, we will start to see an increase in repeat sales – that’s passive income – and any business should be interested in generating this.

How are you finding the partnership?

The team at GetHarley are very proactive. They are passionate about what they do and are genuinely supportive. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership, so everyone is focused on the same goal. I wanted some products to be in clinic to inspire customers to focus on skincare. So, my account manager helped me source samples to do that, and we developed cards for different skin conditions like acne. The patient can take the card to reception and my receptionist inputs the regime into GetHarley so the products can be sent to their homes. It works so seamlessly.

Which brands do you sell via GetHarley?

Our best-selling brands are Obagi and skinbetter science. We do sell some Medik8 and other ‘affordable’ cleansers. It’s nice to mix it up so patients get products that are clinic-only alongside some affordable products so the total regime cost is not too expensive – we don’t want to put them off! It’s a smart way to do it as you will get more repeat sales from a £250 regime than from a £500 regime. It makes the patient feel their regime is just for them.

Does working with GetHarley help people graduate to in-clinic treatments?

Definitely! Patients gain trust in you and see you as the expert. We have noticed an increase in patients booking in-clinic skin treatments since working with GetHarley. They start to see a change in their skin from the products they are using, and are enjoying having good skin. They want to take it to the next level and book in for microneedling, facials, laser and more. It really has made a difference.

Why do you think people should join GetHarley?

There are many reasons, but honestly, I think if you don’t do it, your patients will go somewhere else. You are filling a demand and offering a more complete service. If your customers are coming for injectables, they want to invest in good skincare. We don’t have passive income for anything else that we do in-clinic, so it’s worth getting on board. It’s important to diversify your business and protect yourself, especially over the next year or so when it could potentially be difficult due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Funnily enough, working with GetHarley has helped my skin. I would tackle one imperfection and then be onto the next, but because I am now consistent with my own regime, I am seeing great results and am able to sell skincare plans better as I have had a positive experience myself.

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