Advertorial: Introducing Cellfina®

By Megan Close / 20 Jul 2018

Global pharmaceutical company Merz Pharma UK Ltd details the minimally invasive cellulite treatment, Cellfina®

It’s no secret that cellulite is a common concern for women throughout the world, 1.4 billion to be precise1,2* but with characteristics including dimpling and uneven skin texture, commonly on the buttocks and thighs, what really causes cellulite?

There are multiple factors that influence the development of cellulite dimples including hormones, genetics, a sedentary or stressful lifestyle, and diet or weight gain.3 However, what many people are unaware of, is that the structural cause of cellulite is anatomical and a result of tethered fibrous septae bands, found under the skin, woven throughout fat in the thighs and buttocks which connect the skin to underlying tissue at select points.4,5 (Figure 1). These tight bands pull down the skin creating the common puckering effect seen on the surface of the skin.4,5

It seems to be that more and more patients are looking to do something about it – which is where clinically proven cellulite procedure, Cellfina® is introduced.

What is Cellfina®?

Cellfina® is a minimally-invasive cellulite treatment that offers precise results in a single in-clinic 45-60 minute treatment.5,8 Unlike other procedures, it treats the structural cause of cellulite dimples.5 A small needle-sized device is used to treat the cellulite-causing bands just beneath the surface of the skin. The needle breaks the bands up and releases them, like releasing a rubber band under tension, in turn allowing the skin to bounce back and smooth itself out, alleviating the dimpled appearance.4,5 What makes Cellfina® unique is that it hits cellulite at its core.4,5 It is the only EU CE-marked6 and US FDA-cleared7 procedure clinically proven to treat the primary structural cause of cellulite dimples.5 Cellfina® is seen as a simple yet effective treatment by Healthcare Professionals. It is now available in a number of clinics across the UK and Ireland.


A non-randomised open-label pivotal study was held across 45 subjects treated with Cellfina®.5 It demonstrated that patients noticed a smoother appearance on their thighs and buttocks in as little as 14 days.5 These results improved over time, and were maintained even at three years, with a 93% patient satisfaction rate.5 Figure 2 shows a patient who underwent one treatment of Cellfina®. The patient was concerned about the visible dimples on her buttock area and the ‘orange peel’ effect on the top of her legs and thighs. She explained, “I removed the dressings the next day and my husband could not believe the difference. The cellulite had completely gone, it is amazing.” When discussing the treatment, she added, “I did encounter bruising, which lasted two weeks and some tenderness but nothing to complain about. It is now four weeks since I had the treatment and the skin continues to improve. I am absolutely thrilled with the results.” 

What presence does Cellfina® have nationally?

The treatment was named ‘Best Cellulite Treatment’ in the 2018 Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide and has featured in a number of consumer publications including Vogue, Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail and Get the Gloss from January this year. Not only that, but Cellfina® has also invested heavily in social and digital advertising, including Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram adverts and now has its own dedicated website, and Merz Pharma UK Ltd aims to provide complete training and customised marketing strategies tailored to its customers. The company has experience in staff training, marketing aesthetic treatments and patient relations. With this in mind, the Merz team offers a marketing and business personalised development partnership plan to meet the unique needs of a practice. 

*1.7 billion is the total amount of post-pubertal females aged 25-60 worldwide. 85% of women (1.4 billion) are estimated to suffer from cellulite, based on projection figures collected through market research. 

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