Advertorial: SkinCeuticals Masterclass - Integrating skincare into your practice

By Shannon Kilgariff / 30 Apr 2018

The recent SkinCeuticals Expert Masterclass, held at the Bulgari Hotel in London, focused on practical ways to integrate cosmeceutical skincare into daily aesthetic practice.

The Masterclass, chaired by Dr Uliana Gout, renowned cosmetic physician, combined interactive discussion sessions with live patient assessments. The evening served to highlight the importance of evidence-based skincare in clinical practice to promote healthy skin and to optimise aesthetic treatment outcomes whilst minimising downtime. The event also heralded the latest addition to the SkinCeuticals Correct range: Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight. 

Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight

Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight is an innovative night cream restoring skin lustre and improving skin texture to bestow a healthy, radiant skin complexion. Leslie Harris, CEO of SkinCeuticals, introduced the research behind Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight. She described how the formula secures the alpha hydroxy acid at the ‘ideal’ 10% active level, which has been demonstrated to promote effective skin cell turnover without causing the irritation and discomfort sometimes associated with topical glycolic acid-based creams. Leslie explained that Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight includes 2% phytic acid to promote brightness, alongside a soothing botanical complex to form a protective, breathable layer to help lock in hydration and provide comfort. Concluding her presentation Leslie said, “Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight meets consumer demand for a long-lasting ‘glow’, as well as prolonging the effects of in-clinic procedures. Finally, it offers a solution to treating dull, photodamaged skin which we know is a common skin concern for many patients today.”

Evidence-based Skincare: a vital cornerstone in aesthetic practice

Dr Stefanie Williams, leading dermatologist and medical director of the EUDELO clinic, is passionate about the role clinically effective skincare has in her practice. Outlining her unique stepwise ‘Staircase’ approach, Dr Williams explained how she integrates skincare into her clinical practice to improve overall skin quality and health before eventually progressing her patients to regenerative and corrective procedures.

Dr Williams says, “As professional aesthetic practitioners, we should not overlook the benefits of cosmeceutical skincare. Not only does it play a vital role in slowing down skin ageing but it also can help expand your customer base. Research shows that 85% of aesthetic patients want advice about skincare but this need is unmet in many cases, which presents a huge opportunity for business growth.” She added, “Moreover, when evidence-based skincare is used in combination with aesthetic procedures you can optimise treatment results, minimising downtime, to achieve high patient satisfaction and all important word-of-mouth referrals. It is a Win-Win!”

Patient Assessment and Treatment Planning

In the final session Dr Uliana Gout and Dr Williams were joined by Dr Benji Dhillon, a e s t h e t i c surgeon at the PHI Clinic in London. Presented with two models, each with differing skin concerns, the experts discussed their best practice approaches and explained how they would integrate cosmeceutical skincare into their respective multimodality treatment plans to improve skin quality and provide skin health benefits pre and post treatment. Dr Dhillon said, “I firmly believe that evidence-based skincare is an essential long term adjunct to aesthetic procedures.”

Optimising patient satisfaction

Dr Uliana Gout summed up the evening “Tonight’s SkinCeuticals Masterclass has proved to be an excellent platform, in a friendly and engaging environment, for sharing the latest evidence on the role of cosmeceutical skincare within the Aesthetic Medicine arena. It has been a pleasure to Chair the session, to see so many existing and new colleagues and to exchange ideas and information. Great to see the interest in how to best integrate evidence-based skincare into our clinical practice to optimise patient satisfaction, promote safety and enhance treatment results.” 

Dr Uliana Gout will present at the SkinCeuticals Masterclass at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition (ACE) on Friday 27 April, 12-1pm. 

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