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26 Jul 2023

Explore combination treatment approaches with Dermalogica Pro

Combination treatments are paving the way in the medical aesthetics industry. They give practitioners a chance to tackle a multitude of concerns from one treatment plan. When used alongside clinically proven advanced skincare, results can be accelerated and maintained pre- and post-treatment. At Dermalogica, we understand the importance of clinical studies and testing our skincare alongside different devices and services within clinics to support patient results.1-4

We have tested the use of our products alongside a variety of devices and have protocols for injectables, radiofrequency (RF) and non-RF microneedling, ablative and non-ablative fractional laser, CO2 laser, Hydrafacial, intense pulsed light (IPL), LED and RF. As well as treatment protocols, we have clinically proven homecare products to be used at various points of your patient’s treatment journey.1-4

Consultation and skin priming

The consultation process is an essential part of the treatment journey to identify patient goals and manage expectations. Patients want to feel their needs are being met, so it’s essential to offer a combined treatment programme, alongside a tailored skincare plan to meet their individual needs. At Dermalogica, we believe in priming the skin with our homecare products prior to any advanced skin treatments.

The goal of these active ingredients is to thin the stratum corneum, enhance the penetration of the active agent and accelerate healing. This reinforces the importance of patient compliance, detects intolerances or issues in advance and reduces the risk of complications such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring. A few of our results-driven skin priming products are: Invisible Physical Defence SPF 30, Power Bright Range containing niacinamide and hexylresorcinol, Glycolic Cleanser and Rapid Reveal Peel – our lactic acid based, at-home peel.


Whether you are offering injectables as part of your treatment programmes, devices or a combination of both, using a professional skincare line adds value to your patients’ experience and enhances treatment results. At Dermalogica, we have a line-up of professional products that can improve results when used alongside devices. Light Energy Masque is created for use on the skin under red LED light to stimulate the mitochondria activity. Pro Restore, a recovery and firming concentrate that can be used with any micro-injury service to reduce downtime, improves skin recovery and amplifies results.

Dermalogica Brand Partners

Dermalux Tri-Wave MD

“Combining Dermalux LED phototherapy with great skincare and targeted treatment protocols has shown impressive results for a wide range of clinically proven indications. Dermalogica has been one of the brands that we were excited to work with after experiencing how we could elevate clients’ results even further. Using game-changing technology with a cocktail of key active ingredients, combining Dermalux with Dermalogica offers a safe, non-invasive treatment that delivers unrivalled results.”

– Melissa Williams, education director at Dermalux

Clear + Brilliant®

“Clear + Brilliant is a non-ablative dual-wavelength fractional diode laser. The treatment produces thousands of micropores up to 210 nanometres in size, increasing permeability for solutions applied post-treatment by up to a factor of X17. Therefore, there is a real synergy to working with Dermalogica Pro’s ion active serums and Pro Restore recovery and firming concentrate to further enhance the treatment.”

– Lee Brine, director at Solta Medical UK IRE


A vital part of the aftercare journey is using the correct skincare products to support healing post-treatment. Following a micro injury service, the skin will go through a stage of inflammation followed by the proliferation phase when the wound is beginning to heal and is reconstructed through re-epithelisation. 

A patient’s downtime will depend on how invasive the procedure was, their age and lifestyle. Patients are looking for a treatment plan which provides much less downtime, so having a post-care range targeted at alleviating downtime will lead to greater patient retention. Our Ultra-Calming Range has been tested for gentle yet effective use post-treatment to speed up recovery and restore the skin while healing.

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