Advertorial: The Secret to Natural Looking Lips

By Teresa Kis / 09 Apr 2018

Aesthetic nurse Teresa Kis discusses how to achieve natural looking lips

What is the first thing clinicians should consider when reviewing a patient for lip filler treatment?

The first thing I always consider is whether the patient’s requests are realistic. I ask myself, ‘Is it achievable and will it enhance their appearance?’ A good treatment result for me is when the patient looks in the mirror and says, ‘I love them’ or when an older patient says, ‘You have given me back my lips’.

What are the trends in lip treatments amongst your patients?

Young patients want full lips and often bring pictures of celebrities or models. I usually show them several before and after pictures of patients who I have treated, to give them an idea of what to expect and demonstrate the results that can be achieved. I tell them that we have to work with what they have and sometimes it might take a few treatments to achieve their desired look. Older patients usually want some fullness and other concerns addressed, such as lip lines and downturned corners of the mouth. They want to be able to put their lipstick on without it bleeding into the lip lines.

Is there a ‘gold standard’ technique or best practice for administering lip fillers?

I use a variety of different techniques depending on what needs to be achieved. The most important thing to consider is your patients’ safety and your understanding of the anatomy of the lips; where blood vessels lie, as well as how to recognise and deal with any complications. I'm always on the lookout for new tips to improve my personal techniques.

What product qualities do you look for in a lip filler?

Clinical data demonstrating the tolerability and efficacy of products is extremely important. There are so many fillers available now, so it is imperative that practitioners use ones that have clinical studies and good support from the manufacturer. The Restylane range fulfils all my needs – whatever the patient’s age or desired look. Restylane Kysse is great for those who are first-timers and worrying about the swelling afterwards, as it gives good volume but swells minimally. Restylane Lyps is great for younger patients who want a fuller look whilst still appearing natural. Restylane Refyne is suited to older patients who want a small enhancement with minimal swelling. I also sometimes use Restylane Classic and Skinboosters in the lips to provide different desired looks.

As a general rule:

  • Optimal Balance Technology (OBT) = less swelling and a more forgiving look
  • Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA) = a firmer look and more pout

A lip filler must be smooth to inject and give the required volume. I never promise my patients that results will last more than four to six months when injecting the lips, however I do say that they may be lucky and last longer. I also advise that with more treatments, we will be able to build the volume and extend the life of their augmentation. Swelling post treatment is minimal with the OBT range.

What are your top tip for lips?

  • Safety first
  • Manage expectations
  • Use good products
  • Listen to what the patients want to achieve; if they want a significant change and you only give them a small difference they will be disappointed and go somewhere else next time – so work with them and discuss potential outcomes
  • My lip patients come back to me regularly as I listen to their needs to try to achieve what they want 

Restylane OBT

Optimal Balance Technology (OBT), offers a broad range of gel textures, all containing the same concentration of hyaluronic acid (HA), which means that the products can serve a wide range of functions. Softer gels distribute more evenly to smoothen lines and wrinkles, and firmer gels can deliver more lift and volume. For older patients with thinner tissue coverage, who would benefit from restoration as well as volumisation, OBT will deliver results that provide a more distributed, rather than targeted, tissue integration and give a softer, more even look.

OBT is used exclusively in Restylane products to achieve diverse effects depending on the treatment area:

  • Restylane VolymeTM, Restylane DefyneTM and Restylane KysseTM have a larger gel particle size to provide volume and add definition
  • Restylane FynesseTM and Restylane RefyneTM have a smaller gel particle size, offering a lower lifting capacity to target superficial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Restylane has the world’s broadest portfolio of fillers, enabling you to tailor treatment to your patients’ needs 

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