EternoGen unveils the potential of advanced collagen replenishment portfolio

By Aesthetics journal / 01 Mar 2014

At the IMCAS conference in Paris, EternoGen LLC presented its latest research on its Advanced Collagen Replenishment therapy portfolio for cosmetic use in regenerative dermatology.

EternoGen has developed a new type of collagen dermal filler which it claims has overcome issues with previous collagen formulations, such as allergic reactions and short duration of effect. The innovative EternoGen portfolio comprises Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (RPC) and Gold Nanoparticle Collagen (CG Nanomatrix).
The products have been formulated with integral shielding protection from collagenase degradation. Additionally, they are designed to provide high biocompatibility facilitating natural integration with the skin at a cellular level. EternoGen says the research presented at IMCAS, “Demonstrates the ability of EternoGen advanced collagen replenishment to overcome the limitations of earlier generations of collagen.”
EternoGen plans to launch its Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (RPC) portfolio in late 2014. Christopher Inglefield, leading UK plastic surgeon, said, “The absence of collagen from the physician’s armamentarium has been felt keenly in recent years. RPC is particularly suited for delicate and challenging treatments in the peri-orbital and peri-oral areas where the risk for lumps and product migration needs to be minimized. A clinical study in the naso-labial folds using RPC is underway and the experience to date is very encouraging.” 

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