In the Life Of Frances Turner Traill

By Kate Byng-Hall / 27 Sep 2023

Aesthetic nurse prescriber Frances Turner Traill shares a typical day in clinic and how she champions a healthy work-life balance

 A typical working day…

I’m an early bird, waking up long before 7am every day. I like to get up and set the tone for the day with a five kilometre walk with my husband and rescue dog Lulu to try and stay active. I keep my healthy morning going at breakfast time with something like an omelette with some fruit.

I don’t normally start in clinic until just before noon, so before then, I look through the plan for the day and use a remote project management system to make sure everything is ticking over nicely. I do this for both of my two clinics – FTT Skin Clinics in Inverness and just outside Glasgow. I used to work very long hours every day in clinic, but now I’ve built up my brands I delegate more and I’m happy to have more time to take it easy. I spend time talking to patients, helping them feel at ease and ensuring they’re happy and then my other injectors can take over.

I still do two 12-hour shifts a week injecting, so I have less chill time on those days! I’m proud of the atmosphere in my clinics. We work hard on creating a really positive vibe. We want people to come into clinic and think it’s beautiful, but also feel very chilled; a bit like they’re on holiday. Music is a big thing for us (think Ibiza beach vibes) to make the place feel fun, but also calm the nerves of any patients who might feel apprehensive. There is always someone at the door to greet our patients and get them a tea or coffee and have a chat – I love that part of running a clinic now I’ve eased up on injecting and only do it myself once or twice a week.

Sometimes I do some pro bono work for an organisation called Medics Against Violence doing facial scar repair. I only see such patients every now and again, but when they come in they are often very sensitive and complex cases. Their stories can be upsetting, but I’m glad that I can use my years of experience to hopefully help them heal from past traumatic experiences.

The clinic closes at 8:30pm, and when the final patients have left, the tunes get turned right up to finish the day on a positive note! The whole team and I look back on the day and discuss what went well and what went not quite so well, and implement any changes into the plan for the next day.

My favourite way to round off the day is another dog walk and a nice dinner, followed by some good telly (I’m still sad that Succession has finished!). I’m in a wee running club too – I’m by no means an elite runner, but it’s good for me both physically and mentally. If I’m out of clinic early enough, though, I love going out to see girlfriends and maybe even keep that party atmosphere going!

Other work commitments…

Training and building talent is crucial to me. I do most of this in-clinic as I mentor the majority of my clinical staff and ensure they’re up to date with the latest treatment protocols and techniques, and allow them to build their skills through lunch-and-learns and other courses. We also take on a few interns a year, so they get trained in some of the non-medical aspects of the clinic. I am also a mentor for students studying aesthetic medicine after doing so at Northumbria University a while back; now, I’m open to offering tips to those who need it for areas they might be struggling with.

Occasionally, I do external training for Evolus and Prollenium which involves small-group educational days, and also sometimes travelling across the country and presenting at congresses every now and again. It’s a great way to stay connected to newcomers in the industry and the latest trends, I find it helps my understanding as well as the trainees’.

I’m also an honorary member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) since I became the first Scotland representative 15 years ago; now, I give the association my opinion on new developments in the industry based on my experience. I like to attend all the usual conferences – ACE, CCR, Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaborative (CMAC) – to stay on top of developments while also keeping my work-life balance as these conferences can give you a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Most memorable day in aesthetics…

I think it must be winning The Institute Hyalual Award for Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner of the Year at The Aesthetics Awards 2016, and then recently The FILLMED Award for Best Clinic Scotland in 2023. They were both pretty memorable evenings – I always make sure to bring the party. It was a phenomenal feeling to be recognised, both on my own and with my team.

Career if you weren’t a practitioner…

Definitely a Loose Women panellist.

Your favourite in-clinic tunes…

‘Treat People With Kindness’ by Harry Styles is a favourite, but we love Tina Turner too.

Where you’d move to if you had a chance…

New York is one of my favourite places – it’s such a vibe!

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