In The Life Of Miss Sherina Balaratnam

By Kate Byng-Hall / 28 Nov 2022

Aesthetic practitioner and surgeon Miss Sherina Balaratnam outlines a typical working day at her clinic and how she juggles her other commitments

A typical working day… 

Every morning I wake up at 6am, and my first pleasure is to go downstairs and cuddle my dogs Spartacus and Thor. I then take them for a walk, which is a great way to set up the day. When I get home, I have a 20 minute Peloton session, followed by 20 minutes of weight-training. I’ve been into fitness since growing up in Malaysia and I have always loved being strong – my nickname in my 20s was ‘shoulders’ because of all the weight-lifting I did. 

After my workout, I pour a mug of Japanese Genmaicha tea, hop in the shower and have eggs for breakfast which I love. I enjoy my car journey to work through Beaconsfield, during which I greet my social media followers with a short video and listen to TED Talks or podcasts to get my inspiration flowing. I arrive at my clinic S-Thetics by 8:30am, and prepare for the day ahead. Before the doors open at 9am, my team and I meet to get organised and fire each other up for the day. 

My days are extremely varied, which I love. One of my favourite parts of my job is consultation and treatment planning because I enjoy getting to know my patients. When doing this, I always remember my mentor Dr Mauricio de Maio – I actually have a picture of him on my clinic wall! In 2019, Dr de Maio selected me as one of 12 international doctors to join him for an elite masterclass as part of the Allergan Medical Institute faculty. What I have learned from him informs and inspires my practice to this very day. 

As well as facial treatments, my clinic offers a range of body-sculpting treatments. I use BTL’s EMSCULPT NEO applicators to assist in skeletal muscle regeneration, which is crucial post-COVID. We had a tremendous launch party of the latest EDGE applicators at S-Thetics last month with our most loyal patients. Patient education is at the core of my practice and I believe in giving back to patients every day, and our clinic events are a great way to do both. 

I will have a quick lunch in between patients at around 1pm. On every last Friday of the month, my team and I have a reflective day together, followed by a multidisciplinary team meeting where we will celebrate the month by having lunch together and my team orders whatever they wish. 

I fill my afternoons with botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments, consulting new patients and making sure all follow-up and treatment plans are completed. During late clinic days, I will have an early dinner at 6pm. I love sushi so that is normally what I will go for. I love fruit and can eat it all day, so will always have watermelon and mango in the fridge. 

I treat a large number of corporate patients who finish work late, hence we close at 9pm twice a week to give these patients access to have their treatments. On these days, I will go home after work, unwind with my husband and watch Netflix which is a great way to switch off – Schitt’s Creek is my current favourite. On the days I finish earlier, we will take the dogs for a walk together, have a joint personal training session and relax. 

Other work commitments… 

I am very selective with the treatments I offer, and the companies I work with represent that. I have been a faculty member of the Allergan Medical Institute since 2012, and enjoy the training and education side of my work with them. In 2018, we converted space in my clinic to be a National Allergan Training Centre, and we have also just been approved as one of Allergan’s 10 global research sites for a new treatment indication, which I am very excited about. 

I work closely with BTL and had the pleasure of presenting on their behalf at CCR last month, including research results from my wonderful team which makes this all the more fulfilling. My patients’ skin health is important to me, and I enjoy working with iS Clinical to emphasise that healthy skin is a core foundation to successful aesthetic results. 

Juggling these responsibilities while running my clinic can be challenging, but it is equally rewarding and teaches me to become a better practitioner and leader. Whenever my team and I feel like we are stuck, we imagine being 100 feet up in the air looking down at the clinic, enabling us to think strategically and make the best decisions to progress confidently. 

Proudest day… 

My proudest day was opening my clinic S-Thetics in May, 2015 – it is my baby. A close second has to be receiving The GetHarley Award for Medical Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year at The Aesthetics Awards 2022. Shortly after the Awards, iS Clinical invited me to present for them in my hometown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I brought my trophy back home for my family to bless in their prayer room. That was an incredibly humbling, proud and special moment for me.

Quick-fire questions!

Career if I wasn’t a surgeon… 

I’d be a chef – I love my scrubs, so I think I’d like chefs’ whites too. 

Favourite treatment to perform… 

I love facial dermal filler treatments because they give me the chance to be artistic. 

Country I’d move to… 

I’d move back to Malaysia – it’s my home after all! 

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