In the Life of Mr Paul Banwell

By Mr Paul Banwell / 27 May 2022

Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Paul Banwell details his typical working day and the different commitments he fits into his busy schedule

A typical working day…

As an early riser, my day usually begins at 5:30am, this allows time for some exercise before breakfast then I usually head off to work at 6:30-6:45am. One day a week, I do my NHS skin cancer work where I see urgent skin cancer cases. These include melanomas and squamous cell carcinomas, which have been sent urgently by a GP. I find that these are more prevalent in the summer months, so we are about to get busier! The rest of my week is dedicated to my private clinic, The Banwell Clinic. Our headquarters are based within the McIndoe Centre in East Grinstead, but we also have a beautiful clinic at The Harley Street Hospital in London.

My days vary between operating sessions, all day clinics or teaching and writing. In the mornings, I will do a ward round to check in on my patients who have stayed overnight or have arrived for surgeries and then do the crucial marking-up process. Whilst waiting for the team to get ready for the day ahead, I use my time wisely and complete my letters and any outstanding admin via our paperless computerised management system. Running a busy practice means replying to hundreds of emails throughout the day too in between of performing surgeries or seeing patients!

My day will vary in terms of how many patients I see. Within an NHS clinic I will see 30-40 patients and more than 30 patients a day in my outpatient clinics (cosmetic surgery and skin cancer cases). This is a mix of new consults, follow-ups, local anaesthetic cases, injectables and threads. On an operating day I will perform between six to eight surgeries (many of which are combined cases). My surgical days will consist of breast augmentations, mummy makeovers, labiaplasties, liposuctions, abdominoplasties, eyelid surgery and breast reductions. I try and finish work earlier in the summer months as I think it’s important to enjoy the lighter and warmer evenings, so I try and finish at 6pm. However, in the winter months, I will usually finish at 9pm. In the evenings I like to get some fresh air, devote some time to mindfulness, recharge and take the dog for a walk.

Other work commitments…

As well as my clinical work, I have lots of other work commitments which I need to fit into my day and week! I write articles for medical journals and book chapters but also get asked to review other colleagues submitted work for publication. I have lectured extensively around the world for many years, but I am trying to reduce these commitments now to focus on my novel writing, an art project and conservation work.

I am blessed to act as an ambassador and key opinion leader for several companies including RATIONALE skincare from Australia, Dermalux LED, and Motiva who manufacture the latest generation breast implants.

I also have my own health and wellbeing supplement company called ARTIS London, which was set up two years ago during the pandemic. Whilst the range was originally designed specifically for my own patients, it has gathered quite some momentum and we are now supplying to the aesthetics industry as a value-added offering to clinic treatment protocols and to enhance recovery following surgical procedures. We are now excited to be exporting to Southeast Asia and beyond!

I am currently writing two new books. One is an adventure novel with a medical connection, and another is a new edition of our book which has been published by Thieme in four languages already called Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Concepts, Classification and Techniques. The book is a comprehensive review of contemporary practice in this rapidly emerging field and covers new concepts in anatomy, operative techniques and complications. It has received many plaudits and is a great learning tool for any young aspiring surgeons looking to excel in this field. Usually, my day finishes around midnight before catching up on some much needed shut eye!

Most memorable day…

My most memorable day professionally was when I was awarded the Visiting Harvard Professorship in Plastic Surgery. I had to travel to Harvard university and give a lecture in front of many esteemed professional colleagues which was very exciting! It was a standout moment for me and one I will not forget. I have been very blessed! 

Career if I wasn’t a plastic surgeon…

I would be an art dealer! I love collecting modern art.

Favourite thing about my job…

Meeting lots of interesting people. Lords and ladies, film stars, authors, dustmen and cleaners – everyone has a story, and it is a privilege to be part of their journey.

Any hobbies…

I have many interests! I enjoy cycling, skiing, kayaking and martial arts.

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