Meet the Trainers: Dr Martyn King and Sharon King

By Holly Carver / 21 Jan 2021

Dr Martyn King and nurse prescriber Sharon King tell Aesthetics what you can learn from a masterclass with RELIFE

How did you become an aesthetics trainer?

Dr Martyn King: I first gained a medical degree at Leicester University and then trained to be a GP. After doing some courses in aesthetic medicine, I opened the Cosmedic Skin Clinic – that was almost 20 years ago now. What I’m most passionate about in my career is raising industry standards, and one of the main reasons I wanted to become a trainer was to to help further the aesthetic speciality. As we all know, anyone can attend a one-day course with someone who isn’t correctly qualified and then be told they can go off and inject, and this causes a lot of problems. We want to provide practitioners with the highest training standards and support to ensure they are conducting their procedures in the safest possible way, which is key in preventing poor patient outcomes.

Sharon King: I completed my adult nursing qualification at Wolverhampton University in 1999. After taking some filler and toxin courses I started my career in aesthetics, and I’ve since worked as a trainer and clinical lead for companies including BioForm Medical, Merz Aesthetics, Aqtis and Sinclair Pharma. Like Martyn said, training companies and individual trainers should have a duty of care for patient health and safety.

Why did you decide to work with RELIFE?

Sharon King: We wanted to help introduce RELIFE to the UK market. I knew that the Menarini Group – the company behind RELIFE – is very well established globally. I also know a lot of people who work for the company so I know that as a pharmaceutical company they enlist the highest standards. In terms of the products, the new RELIFE Definisse Range comes in three forms: peels, fillers and threads. These can be used alone or together, so that the right combination can be found for each individual.

In 2021 I’ll be training delegates in the RELIFE Filler range, which I personally love because it’s a really nice premium glass syringe to work with, in addition to the plunger, making a smooth transition emitting the hyaluronic acid. It comes in three different consistencies to meet the needs of what procedure your patients need. The fillers use a unique Excellent Three-Dimensional Reticulation (XTR) Technology to deliver the perfect mix of viscosity and elasticity, providing predictable, balanced results with minimal migration.

Dr Martyn King: From a practitioner’s point of view, I became interested in RELIFE because of the thread structure. To me, they are the best thread range I have experienced to date for certain procedures. The thread range uses a unique combination of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and caprolactone p(LA-CL) and has bidirectional and convergent barbs. The threads also use a unique ‘J-Stitch’ method which provides immediate, slippagefree results that alleviates sagging and tightens the overall appearance of the skin, resulting in a natural-looking, more youthful appearance for patients.

From a training perspective, the main thing that I like about the company is how RELIFE offers a huge amount of support to practitioners during and after training – which is so important. We also both love how passionate the group is.

What can people expect from one of your masterclasses?

Sharon King: RELIFE offers exclusive monthly opportunities to learn specialist techniques from a renowned faculty of trainers, which will help practitioners get the best results from the Definisse range. Prior to the masterclass, RELIFE will send delegates information on the products for them to study. I would highly recommend delegates read up on the products beforehand, have a look at data and all the science behind it to really make the most of the training.

On the day, courses will run from 10am-5pm. I’ve never been a fan of training large groups because I think it’s very important for each delegate to get enough attention and help. For that reason, our training will be conducted in very small groups of four to six, with six being the absolute maximum. This does mean that there will only be limited spaces available for each masterclass.

Dr Martyn King: Throughout the day there will be a 50:50 split between theory and practical training so clinicians can practise their patient assessment and treatments. I think it’s very important for all attendees to receive enough hands-on experience on the course, so that they can be confident enough to do it alone. Important lessons practitioners will learn is correct patient and product selection.

Multitreatment solutions are the way forward and it is reassuring to know that all three products come from a single company and will interact without any issues or complications. So, while injecting filler is something that delegates are normally quick to master, understanding which filler, peel and thread to use is more complex. So along with techniques, the understanding of the brand and what each product can do is very important.

At the end of each session, we will give time for attendees to ask us any questions to ensure they are comfortable with everything they have learnt. For the month following the course we will be providing them with support while they’re in clinic. They can send us photos of the treatments and results that they’ve achieved, and ask for our advice or opinions.

What outcomes can practitioners expect?

Sharon King: Alongside Martyn and I, RELIFE has some very experienced and wellrespected trainers, including internationally acclaimed Dr Vincent Wong and Dr Simon Zokaie. Collectively we offer delegates a wealth of knowledge, which will enable them to provide a high standard to their patients and become confident in themselves. From a business level, practitioners will be able to give their patients incredible results and better their reputation.

Who can attend training?

Dr Martyn King: People who attend the masterclasses should already have some degree of experience in the aesthetics field. Training for Definisse threads and peels is for doctors and dentists only, and the clinic needs to be CQC registered. Definisse Fillers must be carried out by qualified doctors, nurses or dentists.

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