Neauvia ‘New Art Aesthetics’ World Congress 2015, Warsaw

01 Mar 2016

Aesthetics reports on the highlights from Neauvia’s international training seminar in Warsaw

Around 170 aesthetic practitioners, nurses, doctors and distributors from more than 30 countries gathered in Warsaw to attend the Neauvia Organic dermal filler ‘New Art Aesthetics’ World Congress on January 29 and 30.

The event began with an introduction to Neauvia Organic, a new line of Swiss dermal fillers developed by Matex Lab SA and manufactured in Italy. The talk discussed how the fillers use a new cross-linker polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer, which is nontoxic and completely degradable in the tissue, instead of BDDE. According to the company, this makes Neauvia Organic the most biocompatible filler on the market. This PEG polymer aims to reduce the risk of immunological reaction, reduce inflammation and granuloma formation, and delay the degradation and the bioabsorption of the implant. Dermatologist Dr Nicola Zerbinati, who ran the event, started working with Neauvia three years ago. “We have created a new concept of filler; we use a new crosslinker that gives us an incredible new hyaluronic acid matrix. It is the only filler in the market with this PEG cross-linker,” he said. Eight international aesthetic practitioners presented their views of the four different dermal fillers available for various anatomical areas and treatments, including rhinoplasty, nasolabial fold, lips, jowl line, hand rejuvenation, zygomatic area, periocular area and vaginal rejuvenation. Highlights of the session included Dr Dawid Serafin’s presentation on using Neauvia for vaginal rejuvenation. The theory presentations were complemented with a second day of live demonstrations on 55 different models. Dr Katrina Felberg shared advice on peri-ocular treatment techniques, while Dr Peter Caspari demonstrated the use of Neauvia on the nasolabial area. After the live demonstrations, delegates were presented with the before and after images of the models to determine their opinions on the product’s results. Aesthetic practitioner Dr Kathryn Taylor Barnes, founder of The Real You Clinic said, “I am really excited about the formulation of this product being organic, that appeals to a lot of the modern day men and women.”

Neauvia sales director for the UK and Ireland, Kevin Eley introduced the products to practitioners in January, and said, “Physicians have commented on the superior filling ability of the products and have also been surprised at the smaller levels of pain and swelling with the Neauvia line.” Facial plastic and laser surgeon Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi, who has already started using Neauvia in his clinic on Harley Street said, “It’s definitely an additional product which each cosmetic doctor has to add into their portfolio.”

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