Production and research at mesoestetic

By Shannon Kilgariff / 25 Jan 2016

Aesthetics visits the production site and research and development headquarters for mesoestetic

mesoestetic Pharma Group is a pharmaceutical laboratory founded in 1984. A family business, currently employing 90 people at their headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, its aim is to provide aesthetic professionals with complete and effective solutions through its consistent efforts in research, development and innovation.

The company develops, manufacturers and markets advanced medical and aesthetic products, which includes a consumer range, a professional range, a medical range and medical-aesthetic devices.

The Spanish facility prides itself in its ability to produce products from the research stage, to production, to the clinical trial stage, to the marketing and distribution stage, all at one location. The facility is home to mesoestetic’s head office, production plant, biotechnology unit, monitoring and follow-up unit and the logistics platform, which serves more than 60 distribution partners in more than 90 different countries.

Carles Font, whose father Joan Carlos Font founded mesoestetic, has been working in different areas of the laboratory since he was 16. He is currently a member of the export department and is involved in business development. He said the thing that makes mesoestetic stand out most is its involvement and commitment to further development.

“We consider that if we have a good reputation and are well-known in the market, it’s because of our products and the results that we are providing to all of our clients,” he said. “So in order to keep providing the best products to our customers, we reinvest 40% of our benefits into the research and development department and have been doing this since the beginning.”

The company starts its development process by testing different kinds of human cells with raw materials to determine the most effective ingredients. These results are used to produce products, which are then used in clinical trials on volunteers and subsequently distributed all over the world. Font explained that mesoestetic is hoping to continue reinvesting and developing new products, noting there are exciting things to come in the future.

Independent nurse prescriber, and manager of facethefuture clinic, Kate Bancroft, visited the mesoestetic site and was impressed with the extent of the research and development the company puts into its products. She said, “It was really interesting to look at it from the creation, research and development side of things, all the way through to packaging. This visit was a really nice way of understanding how much R&D goes into mesoestetic products and how it comes to the end user in a perfectly packaged form. I think it really makes you look at why you’re using products and what results you’re going to achieve. The trip has provided me with a better understanding of how they’re made, the research behind them and the results you can get.”

Deputy chairman of Absolute Aesthetics, Victoria Smith also journeyed to the laboratory and said the experience confirmed the company’s scientific philosophy. “To be able to see the pathway from conception to production and speak to the senior scientific team of mesoestetic was incredibly helpful. The mesoestetic facilities were extremely impressive and reflected a true scientific ethos. Absolute Aesthetics has been using the Dermamelan peel in our practice for some time. The trip to Barcelona gave us the opportunity to find out more about the range of products available and the results that can be achieved. They are also supported with good scientific data, which is key to our practice,” she said.

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