Scars 2: The 2nd International Scar Treatment Conference, Israel

01 May 2018

Aesthetics reports on the scar treatment conference that took place in Tel Aviv on March 21-22

Under the direction of The Tel Aviv Medical Center, Ichilov, with the Israel Society of Dermatology and Venereology, the Israeli Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the Israeli Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Scars 2 brought together experts from the plastic surgery, aesthetic and dermatology community worldwide to explore the newest, cutting-edge practices in scar treatment and aesthetics.

With scars affecting so many people on a daily basis, the goal of Scars 2 was to elaborate on the progress of research, bring together all the knowledge and experience in the field and put the broad topic of scars into
the spotlight to raise a new level of awareness. Two of the main messages communicated at Scars 2 were that scars are a medical condition and they can be treated and minimised.

The two-day conference saw world- renowned experts from Israel, UK and Europe, US, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand gather to present a series of plenary lectures and offer a variety of courses and workshops demonstrating the latest skincare innovations from around the world. The programme was split into a number of topics that included scar formation, scar mitigation, medical and procedural management of scars, laser and light devices, acne scars and striae, special considerations and the future of scar management. Multiple speakers contributed to each session, including clinical scientist Dr Ardeshir Bayat and consultant dermatologist Dr Firas Al-Niaimi from the UK. Dr Al- Niaimi said, “It was an absolute honour and highlight in my career to be selected to chair a laser session and be on the expert panel with Dr Rox Anderson, a giant figure in laser science.”

There were a number of supplementary sessions demonstrating the ‘same patient, different approach’. For each, two leading experts analysed the cases presented and offered contrasting treatment protocols. Following the meeting, all the speakers gathered to come up with specific, evidence-based recommendations of how to use energy-based devices in scar treatment. This consensus will be published as a paper series at a later date.

More than 40 companies from the medical and cosmetic industries showcased the industry’s latest products and services. Exhibitors included Lumenis, Syneron Candela, Rafa, Enerjet, Alma Lasers, Venus Concept, Allergan and Stratpharma, to name just a few. To attend Scars 3 in 2019, practitioners are invited to register their interest via the website. 

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