SPONSORED: 60 Seconds with Dr Ravi Jain

17 Aug 2018

Aesthetics spends 60 seconds with Dr Ravi Jain, founder and medical director of Riverbanks Wellness Clinic in Harpenden.

How important is product selection when administering facial fillers?

When you examine someone’s face, it’s important to identify their skin quality, bone structure, tissue density and the proportions and shape of their face. It is also important to consider their desires and treatment goals. If you are consulting on a younger patient who would like structural enhancement, they will need a product which has a relatively high G prime, such as Restylane Lyft. If your patient requires restoration rather than enhancement, and has thinner tissue, a bit more sun damage, muscular atrophy and bone absorption, I would use a product with OBT technology that is softer and integrates better into the tissue, for example Restylane Volyme or Restylane Refyne.

How important is the patient consultation?

Patient satisfaction is key. We understand that almost half of aesthetic patients have changed practice since their first treatment because they haven’t been satisfied with their previous experience. I have noticed that patients are seeking better communication from their practitioner, more realistic expectations, more long-term treatment plans, and more natural results – we are now seeing more and more people keeping their treatment a secret. Galderma and I have developed a consultation process, the Harmony Programme, which is designed to involve the patient much more in the process of choosing their treatment plans.

What makes for a great treatment result for you?

A great treatment result is when we have reached the goals that we set out to achieve in the initial treatment plan. This means we will have delivered patient satisfaction. I also like to make sure that my patients don’t look like they’ve had aesthetic work done as they leave the clinic. I like my work to be invisible. My goal is for the patient to look like they are refreshed and rested, they simply look like how they used to look a couple of years back. It’s no longer about looking ten years younger, people want to look great for their age. 

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