SPONSORED: 60 Seconds with Dr Thierry Ellena

08 Dec 2018

Aesthetics spends 60 seconds with Universkin’s chief technology officer, Dr Thierry Ellena, PhD.

Why did you create SkinXs?

Thanks to Universkin’s unique approach to personalised skincare, hundreds of practitioners around the world are already helping patients to get their skin glowing again. Skin Xs is the second major step in our vision for better skincare. We first gave practitioners the best products to treat their patients and now aim to give them the best tools to enhance patients’ follow-up, loyalty, recruitment and experience. That is how SkinXs was born.

What is SkinXs and how does it work?

SkinXs is a digital platform that serves as a virtual assistant. It starts with a 10 minute online dermatological questionnaire, which was created in collaboration with medical experts. Through the proprietary diagnostic and formulation algorithms of SkinXs, the practitioner is then able to select the most suitable active ingredients for each individual patient based on the specific needs of their skin.

What are the benefits of introducing SkinXs?

First, it’s time-saving. Your patients share their skin information before their consultation and, based on the data, the algorithm provides an accurate skin diagnostic and the most suited personalised formula, meaning you have more time to focus on patient service. Second is outreach. The digital phenomenon breaks down the notions of time and space. Thus, you can give thorough consultations with several patients at the same time and from various places. SkinXs works on all types of devices and each practitioner has their own unique link to the questionnaire that they can share on multiple online platforms (social media, newsletter, consultation reminders, etc.) to drive audience engagement and loyalty. In addition, patients’ data belongs to the practitioners and the system is 100% compliant with the latest regulations on data privacy.

How do I get SkinXs?

If you’re already a Universkin client, contact our UK partner Schuco Aesthetics to activate your account. You will receive the kick-off packaging with all the information you need to ensure a smooth implementation. If you are new customer, contact Schuco Aesthetics to get started.

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