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  • Avoiding Botulinum Toxin Complications

    Oral surgeon Mr Sami Stagnell and maxillofacial surgeon Ms Natasha Berridge present an overview of the common complications of botulinum toxin by anatomical region and how to avoid them

  • Understanding Nasal Anatomy

    Mr Deniz Kanliada explores the main injection sites for non-surgical rhinoplasty and related anatomical landmarks.

  • Temple Anatomy

    Cosmetic and dermatology nurse practitioner Anna Baker details the anatomical features of the temple for safe and successful dermal filler placement.


  • REVIV introduces genetic analysis programme

    Global wellness provider REVIV has launched a bespoke programme called REVIV Genetics that aims to offer treatments and products based on an individual’s genetic analysis.

  • Aesthetic Nurse Software launches

    A new documenting software designed specifically for independent aesthetic nurses and practitioners has been launched into the market after four years of development, industry feedback and user testing.


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