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  • Lower Face Aesthetics

    By Dr Zohaib Ullah

    Dr Zohaib Ullah provides an introduction to lower facial aesthetics and explores the use of injectable treatments in the area.

  • Understanding Video Marketing

    By Adam Hampson

    Digital marketing consultant Adam Hampson discusses why video is vital to your clinic’s digital marketing content and how it can positively impact search engine optimisation, social media engagement, and buying behaviours.

CPD Articles

  • Cosmetic Interventions in Children

    Dr Mehvish Khan discusses the impact cosmetic interventions can have on young patients and advises ethical treatment approaches

  • Treating the Neck

    Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah and cosmetic and dermatology nurse practitioner Anna Baker detail the anatomical features of the neck and how it can be successfully treated.

  • Laser and Light Intervention Standards

    Dr Elizabeth Raymond Brown and clinical technologist Dr Godfrey Town present the different standards and regulations in the UK for laser and light interventions



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