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  • Healing the Skin

    By Dr Sophie Shotter

    Dr Sophie Shotter explains how the skin repairs itself and the importance of good hygiene for quality healing.

  • ACE TV: The Khan Facelift

    In this ACE TV session from Rosmetics, Dr Aamer Khan shares his protocol for combining PDO threads with Stylage HA fillers and the new Bi Soft Technology for 'The Khan Facelift'

CPD Articles

  • Characteristics of HA Dermal Fillers

    In the first of a two-part article, Dr Souphiyeh Samizadeh discusses the basic characteristics of hyaluronic acid fillers to aid product selection

  • Treating the Neck

    Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah and cosmetic and dermatology nurse practitioner Anna Baker detail the anatomical features of the neck and how it can be successfully treated.

  • Augmenting the Chin

    Aesthetic nurse prescriber Anna Baker discusses the practical considerations for non-surgical injectable augmentation of the chin