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  • Utilising Online Reviews

    By Alan Adams

    Business coach and author Alan Adams discusses how clinic owners can utilise positive patient reviews and maximise them as part of a continued growth strategy

  • Mastering Local SEO

    By Adam Hampson and Lottie Staples

    Digital marketing consultant Adam Hampson and digital marketing consultant and content executive Lottie Staples details how you can improve your local SEO to target new patients in your area

CPD Articles

  • Avoiding Botulinum Toxin Complications

    Oral surgeon Mr Sami Stagnell and maxillofacial surgeon Ms Natasha Berridge present an overview of the common complications of botulinum toxin by anatomical region and how to avoid them

  • Gender & The Lower Face

    Dr Eleanor Reid, Miss Lara Watson and Miss Priyanka Chadha explore the gender differences in the lower facial third and discuss treatment considerations

  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation in Dark Skin

    Dr Abirami Pararajasingam and Dr Sandeep Cliff explore treatment for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in individuals with Fitzpatrick skin types III-VI.



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