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  • Understanding Nasal Anatomy

    Mr Deniz Kanliada explores the main injection sites for non-surgical rhinoplasty and related anatomical landmarks.

  • Managing Rosacea

    Dr Priya Patel and Dr Sandeep Cliff review current treatments available for rosacea and examine their efficacy

  • Treating Obesity with Botulinum Toxin

    Professor Andy Pickett and independent aesthetic business consultant Emma Miller discuss research into the use of botulinum toxin for the treatment of obesity


  • Cutera launches truSculpt flex

    Laser and light-based medical provider Cutera Medical Ltd has launched a muscle sculpting device called truScuplt flex, which offers personalised treatments based on patient fitness level, shape.

  • Study suggests use of gold microparticles and laser improves acne

    A study presented at the America Society for Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting has shown that combining the use of gold microparticles with laser-mediated photothermolysis and topical retinoids was associated with a 61% reduction in inflammatory lesion count at three months amongst patients with m...


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