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  • Stress and Ageing

    By Emma Coleman

    Dermatology nurse practitioner Emma Coleman explores links between physiological stress pathways and the skin ageing processes

  • Utilising Online Reviews

    By Alan Adams

    Business coach and author Alan Adams discusses how clinic owners can utilise positive patient reviews and maximise them as part of a continued growth strategy

CPD Articles

  • Gender & The Lower Face

    Dr Eleanor Reid, Miss Lara Watson and Miss Priyanka Chadha explore the gender differences in the lower facial third and discuss treatment considerations

  • Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Dr Mayoni Gooneratne presents the treatments available to address vaginal laxity and discusses their efficacy

  • Effective Tattoo Removal

    Dr Zohaib Ullah discusses the challenges and limitations of treating tattoos with Q-switched laser technology



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