Features - Muscle Stimulating

  • In Profile: Dr Nestor Demosthenous

    By Holly Carver

    Dr Nestor Demosthenous discusses why aesthetics is more than just dermal fillers

  • Marketing Summer Treatments

    By Graham Clarke

    Sales director Graham Clarke discusses marketing strategies in the summer months and how businesses should promote different treatments

  • Exploring Muscle Stimulation Technology

    By Dr Nestor Demosthenous

    Dr Nestor Demosthenous introduces muscle-stimulating technologies, with a focus on EMS and the evidence behind its efficacy

  • Introducing Muscle Stimulating Technology

    By Holly Carver

    With the recent rise of muscle stimulating technology available on the market, Aesthetics explores the different devices currently available

  • Attracting Male Patients

    By Alex Bugg and Russell Turner

    Digital specialist Alex Bugg and branding professional Russell Turner explore how to increase the number of men visiting your clinic for treatment

  • Advertorial: Cutera Trusculpt Flex

    Introducing the newest muscle stimulation device that can replicate 54,000 crunches in 45 minutes

  • Best practice

    Even the most skilled of practitioners can encounter complications with aesthetic treatments but what sets you apart from the competition is how you deal with it It is easy to ride high when things are going right but one of the biggest things that can distinguish a good practice from a bad one is how you cope when things go wrong. Although the majority of non-surgical aesthetic treatments are very safe and carry little or no risk, complications can still occur, even in the most skilled of hands.