Features - Non-surgical Facelift

  • ACE TV: The Khan Facelift

    In this ACE TV session from Rosmetics, Dr Aamer Khan shares his protocol for combining PDO threads with Stylage HA fillers and the new Bi Soft Technology for 'The Khan Facelift'

  • Performing Thread Lifts

    By Dr Albina Kajaia

    Dr Albina Kajaia shares her personal experience of using polylactic acid threads and advises the best methods for application

  • PDO Threadlifting

    By Dr Irfan Mian

    Dr Irfan Mian examines the rise of PDO threadlifts and discusses the best techniques to achieve successful results

  • Non-Surgical Threadlifting

    By Dr Usman Qureshi

    Dr Usman Qureshi demonstrates the treatment of facial ptosis using permanent silicone threads for longer lasting results and provides two case studies

  • Digital Marketing for Devices

    By Adam Hampson

    Digital marketing consultant Adam Hampson explains effective ways to market your clinic’s new machine to optimise enquiries online

  • Full Facial Rejuvenation

    By Mr Ayad Harb

    Mr Ayad Harb discusses his protocol, the 3-point Lift, for rejuvenating the face

  • In Profile: Jane Laferla

    By Kat Cooke

    Independent nurse prescriber Jane Laferla recalls how she went from setting up a nursing home business to becoming an aesthetic nurse prescriber

  • Special Feature: Combination Treatments

    By Allie Anderson

    There are multiple treatments at practitioners’ disposal for treating facial skin, with outcomes commonly optimised when two or more are used in combination. Allie Anderson discusses various combination treatments and how they work

  • Jaw and neck rejuvenation

    Many women aged 40-60 want a tighter jaw line and a smoother neck. Surgery is certainly one option, but what else is available to patients who don’t want to opt for such an invasive procedure? Kathryn Senior speaks to practitioners about their recommendations.