Aesthetics Membership: All Your Questions Answered!

By becoming an Aesthetics Member and joining the community, you will have full access to top educational content, as well as crucial tips and advice from industry experts, companies and suppliers through the monthly Aesthetics journal, annual ACE and CCR events, plus entry to the prestigious Aesthetics Awards.

If you have any questions regarding Aesthetics Membership and joining our community, below is a list of some of the common questions we get, and their answers. If you have any additional queries, just email our friendly team and they will be delighted to help:

What are the benefits of becoming an Aesthetics Member?

There are so many benefits to becoming part of our community as an Aesthetics Member. You will be able to enhance your education, improve your business and showcase your achievements through the Aesthetics journal, our interactive digital platform and our events. Part of our Membership includes:

  • Access to the leading monthly Aesthetics journal
  • Free Aesthetics Awards entry
  • Free ACE/CCR attendance
  • Daily breaking news, educational clinical and business articles and insights
  • Exclusive partnership discounts
  • Plus much more!

To read the full breakdown of benefits and an overview of the Aesthetics Membership options, click here.

How do you become a Member?

You can join the Aesthetics community and become a Member by simply clicking here, choosing the appropriate Membership, entering your details and submitting your payment.

What Membership option is best for me?

We have three fantastic Membership options to choose from – Full, Print and Digital. If you’re someone who likes to access information in both print and digital formats, then the Full Membership is for you. However, if you prefer Print or Digital, then it’s best to go for these! If you would like some help in deciding what Membership to go for, email our team and they can help:

How much does it cost to become a Member?

Membership prices are dependent on the type of Membership you opt in for:

  • Aesthetics Full Member – £130 per year
  • Aesthetics Print Member – £100 per year
  • Aesthetics Digital Member – £60 per year

We also welcome international Members, who are required to pay an additional £85 per year for the Full or Print Membership to cover international shipping costs.

Do you have to be a medical professional to become an Aesthetics Member?

Although the Aesthetics journal is targeted towards a medical audience, we acknowledge that the Aesthetics community consists of a wide range of professionals within the aesthetic medicine specialty, so we allow non-medical professionals such as clinic owners, aesthetic manufacturers and other key industry stakeholders to become Members. If you are a medical professional, we encourage you to provide your medical registration number as some content is restricted to healthcare professionals only, due to the strict regulatory approvals from various companies.

Why should I supply my medical registration number as part of my Aesthetics Membership?

Upon registering for an Aesthetics Membership, you will be asked to enter your medical registration number. This allows for medical-only content to be accessible to you when you’re logged in. If you don’t have a medical registration number, you will have limited access to some sponsored content from companies due to the strict regulatory approval system they have in place.

I have always received the monthly Aesthetics journal for free, why do I now need to become a Member to receive it?

In order to better serve the whole aesthetic medicine community, our new Membership will have lots of additional benefits each year, as well as receiving the monthly Aesthetics journal. This includes access to free Aesthetics Awards and ACE/CCR entry, exclusive industry updates, discounts and more!

Furthermore, with increasing production costs associated with print publications, it is no longer feasible for Aesthetics to send the journals out free of charge. To keep producing a fantastic, high-quality educational resource for the aesthetics specialty, annual Membership fees have been implemented.

I would like to upgrade from being a Digital Aesthetics Member to a Full Aesthetics Member, how do I go about it?

If you email, one of the team will be able to help you convert your Membership. There will be an additional fee for upgrading your Membership.

I would like to downgrade my Aesthetics Membership, is this possible?

Of course! If you email, the team will be able to change your Membership status. Please be aware that you will not be refunded for downgrading your Membership.

I am no longer working in medical aesthetics, how can I cancel my Aesthetics Membership?

You are able to do this by simply going to, logging into your account and clicking ‘My Profile’. Alternatively, you can email and one of the team will be able to cancel your Membership.

Does an Aesthetics Membership get you free access to Aesthetics Awards entry?

Yes! By being a paying Full, Digital or Print Member, you can enter the prestigious Aesthetics Awards for free using a specific code upon checkout. You should receive the code via email, but if you have not, then email and the team will send it across. If you do not have an Aesthetics Membership, you will need to become a Member before you can enter the Aesthetics Awards, for as little as £60 per year.

Do I have to be an Aesthetics Member to buy tickets for The Aesthetics Awards ceremony?

No, you don’t need to be an Aesthetics Member to purchase Aesthetics Awards tickets, however you will get a ticket discount if you are a Member, and will need a Membership to vote!

I have written for the Aesthetics journal before, does this mean I get free Aesthetics Membership?

Unfortunately, due to the extremely high number of contributors whom the Aesthetics journal team works with on an annual basis, writers will not be able to receive a free Aesthetics Membership.

I want to change the contact details that are linked to my Aesthetics Membership, how can I do this?

You are able to do this by simply going to, logging into your account and clicking ‘My Profile’. Alternatively, you can email and one of the team will be able to change this for you on our system.

I am a paperless aesthetic clinic, what Aesthetics Membership should I choose?

An Aesthetics Digital Membership is perfect for you! Being an Aesthetics Digital Member allows you to access the digital version of the Aesthetics journal, as well as daily news updates, sponsored content, webinars and much more. Digital Members are also able to enter The Aesthetics Awards for free.

I live outside the UK, am I able to join as an international Aesthetics Member?

Definitely! All Memberships are available for international individuals and companies. Please note that there is an additional fee of £85 due to international postage and handling costs.

I am an aesthetic training provider and would like to get multiple copies of the Aesthetics journal for my delegates, how do I proceed?

You will need to speak to the team, who will set up a call with you to discuss this further. Email your interest to:

I have numerous people in my business who would like to be an Aesthetics Member. Do you allow for any discounts?

Currently, we don’t have any discounts, but we are always looking to develop and progress our Membership, so please do let us know any feedback by emailing and we will take this into consideration.

I am an Aesthetics journal advertiser, does this mean I get free Membership?

Not all advertisers are eligible for free Aesthetics Membership. You will need to contact your sales representative to discuss this further by contacting:

I am interested in becoming a partner of Aesthetics, how should I proceed?

We partner with many industry associations and providers throughout our portfolio, including the Aesthetics journal, The Aesthetics Awards, ACE and CCR. There are many opportunities to partner with us including advertising, sponsorships, exhibiting, writing editorial content or partnering at other events.

If you would like to hear more about how to partner with us and further opportunities, please email

I have just joined as an Aesthetics Member, when will I receive my print copy of the Aesthetics journal?

Full and Print Members will receive their first hard copy of the Aesthetics journal in the next calendar month if joined prior to the 18th. If you joined after this date, please expect your first journal to be delivered the following month.

Who can I contact for additional questions and help?

Our friendly team are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding Aesthetics Membership. Please email and one of the team will be able to help. We look forward to welcoming you to the Aesthetics community!