On the Scene: 20 years of Restylane celebration, London

16 Sep 2016

Pharmaceutical company Galderma invited guests to a celebratory breakfast in the Duncan Room at the Charlotte Street Hotel for the 20th anniversary of Restylane.

Victoria Baker, senior brand manager for Restylane dermal fillers, opened the event and discussed the journey the brand has taken over the last 20 years.

‘Proof in Real Life’ campaign twins Kelly and Stacey Franklin then discussed their experiences with Restylane dermal fillers and skin boosters and delegates were able to see their results in person one year after treatment.

Dr Kuldeep Minocha then explained how the products work to produce natural results. He said, “I’ve worked pretty much exclusively with Restylane for 10 years, and for me everything is about trust in the relationship between you and the patient.” He added, “Restylane also has science behind it, it has been published in more than 220 publications with over 4,000 people in clinical trials in and peer review journals around the world.”

The event also showcased the new Restylane digital platforms, including the Virtual Clinic, the My Skin Journal mobile application and the My Skin Journey website landing page.

Speaking about the event as a whole, Baker said, “The event went really well – it is nice to see familiar faces. Today was all about celebrating Restylane’s 20th anniversary for tried and tested treatments and also reflecting on the past 12 months when we took 10 sets of twins to Berlin and did the Proof in Real Life event just to show that dermal fillers can be natural.”

Baker also said that it was nice to teach attendees more about the digital platforms, which she hopes will help increase patient awareness. “It was good to introduce our new digital engagement for consumers with our new website which takes you through a virtual clinic, the new before and after app, and the new landing page My Skin Journey,” she said.


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