3D-lipo Launches 3D-Ultimate Machine

13 Dec 2016

Aesthetic device manufacturer 3D-lipo has launched a new multi-technology machine that contains five technologies aimed at lifting and tightening the face and body.

The five technologies in the 3D-Ultimate machine include: radiofrequency, duo cyrolipolysis, shockwave, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and cavitation ultrasound. For the body, the radiofrequency technology is aimed at skin tightening, the duo cryolipolysis is targeted at superficial fat, the shockwave technology aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, the HIFU is aimed at fat removal and the cavitation is targeted at overall circumference reduction. According to the company, the HIFU can also be used for non-surgical face lifting and the radiofrequency for skin tightening.

3D-lipo claims the device allows practitioners to incorporate the missing technologies that are not contained on their existing machines.


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