3D-lipo Ltd launches 3D-lipo LaserSculpt

12 Dec 2018

Equipment manufacturer 3D-lipo Ltd has introduced a new non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring device.

The treatment is designed to reduce fat in problem areas such as the abdomen, love handles, and flanks in 25 minutes, according to 3D-lipo. The company states that during the treatment, applicators are attached to the chosen area of the skin, where laser energy is delivered through the epidermis, without affecting it.

This targeted application of energy heats cells to a temperature between 42-47 degrees Celsius, where the cell structure is then damaged, leading to necrosis, where the body will identify these as waste and process the waste naturally, according to 3D-lipo.

3D-lipo states that this device will require no downtime, precisely target areas without damaging surrounding tissue, and that results from this device are seen 6-12 weeks’ post treatment.

To mark the launch 3D-lipo LaserSculpt, 3D-lipo Ltd will be hosting an exclusive event on February 11.  


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