3JUVE launches at ASKINOLOGY

08 Apr 2016

The 3JUVE antiageing system manufactured by Lynton Lasers has launched at the ASKINOLOGY clinic.

Founded by Dr Askari Townshend, ASKINOLOGY incorporates a cosmeceutical boutique, aesthetic clinic and facial bar and has now officially launched the 3JUVE device.

The 3JUVE system brings three individual, non invasive techniques into one technology that aims to tackle three main signs of ageing by resurfacing, remodelling and brightening the skin.

3JUVE includes a fractional laser that aims to retexture the skin for smoothness and reduce the appearance of lines and irregularities; an intense pulsed laser that aims to treat discoloured skin and reduce redness, thread veins and sun damage; and radiofrequency technology, which aims to remodel the skin by lifting and firming to create a youthful appearance.

Clinical director at Lynton Lasers, Dr Samantha Hills, said, “When it comes to ageing skin, there are three key indicators we can all exhibit: discolouration, lines and wrinkles, and a loss of firmness. Our new 3JUVE device has been designed to tackle all three of these symptoms by delivering optimum stimulation of the dermis and epidermis, resulting in unprecedented collagen renewal and even skin tone. The results achieved through this new 3JUVE treatment will help meet the new, high-levels of demand for entirely natural-looking anti-ageing results.”


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