4T Medical to distribute new antiageing nutrient complex

06 Mar 2017

Aesthetic product supplier 4T Medical has become the UK distributor of a new antiageing nutrient complex.

TimeBlock, which has recently launched in the UK, aims to support cell regeneration and protection, and to slow down the biological ageing process in the DNA. 

The plant-based compounds in TimeBlock consists of antioxidants and polyphenols – which according to the company, reduces inflammation and elongates telomeres, the caps found at the end of chromosomes that protect cells and genes. TimeBlock, which has been formulated in Switzerland, is said to work by revitalising cells and boosting energy levels, which then supports the immune system and improves circulation, libido and optimises sleep patterns. 

Julien Tordjmann, managing director of 4T Medical said, “We are really excited to be adding TimeBlock to our portfolio. The nuanced day and night capsules target the root causes of ageing which include DNA damage, inflammation and oxidative stress.” 

Tordjmann added, “The results can be seen in stages, with the first noticeable effects being higher energy levels, improved nail and hair growth, better sleep patterns and less joint pain. The real changes, especially in the stability of the DNA and the lengthening of the telomeres, can be measured after approximately six months of continuous use.”


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