ABC Lasers launches new protocol

29 Aug 2018

UK laser and light-based device distributor ABC Lasers has introduced a new protocol for the Alma Laser Accent Prime device.

Designed for body contouring and skin tightening, the Alma Accent Accentuate treatment protocol involves using the UltraSpeed applicator for 20 minutes, followed by 40 minutes using the Accentuate applicator. According to ABC Lasers, UltraSpeed uses a new type of ultrasound technology delivered with an extra-large applicator plate for high speed fat reduction. This applicator features a plate type sonotrode, which emits simultaneously longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves through concentric profiles. The energy is distributed homogenously throughout the treatment area, which aims to disrupt fat cells.

Following the use of UltraSpeed, the Accentuate applicator aims to complement the treatment by delivering radiofrequency energy into defined areas, heating tissues at varying depths, and causing a thermal effect within the skin. The company states that this contours and shapes the treated area by tightening the skin after the fat cells have already been disrupted by UltraSpeed.

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Tijon Esho commented, “Facial and body contouring is a key growth area in aesthetics and the Alma Accent represents currently one of the best innovations in the market in this area. Combining ultrasound with radiofrequency technology, I have observed amazing results for treating both fat and skin laxity – and it’s fast. It’s a welcome addition to my clinics.”


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