ACE Group launches complication stats

31 Dec 2018

The Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) Group has reported 389 filler-related complications that were submitted to its Facebook forum, of its then 1,700 members, between January 2016 to June 2018.

It was noted that out of all complications, 207 (53%) were in relation to lip augmentation treatments. It stated that 22 of those were vascular occlusions, 43 were bruising and the remaining included complications such as herpes, asymmetry and delayed onset nodules. It was also stated that 76 who posted in the forum, of which you must be a medical professional to be a part of, displayed signs that they couldn’t distinguish between a vascular occlusion and bruising.

Sharon King, co-founder of the ACE Group and nurse prescriber, said of this report, “Unfortunately the statistics didn’t shock me as the lips is such a complex area to treat. What did shock me was the high number of people who were unable to tell the difference between the complications. The ACE Group will continue to be a safe place for practitioners to share their experiences and I would encourage anyone to seek advice should they think a complication has taken place.”  


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