ACE Group launches emergency helpline

24 Dec 2018

Following a need for immediate practitioner support to deal with urgent complications, the Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) Group has launched an emergency helpline number for its members.

The helpline aims to provide assistance to practitioners who are in need of immediate advice when experiencing an urgent complication, such as a vascular occlusion or an acute visual impairment. 

According to the ACE Group, the emergency helpline call is relayed to one of 10 practitioners who are internationally recognised and highly experienced in the management of complications.

Co-founder of the ACE Group, Dr Martyn King, said, “We are thrilled to launch this much-needed service for our members. Previously, practitioners were turning to our forum page to seek advice from other practitioners; however, this is not useful for dealing with serious complications such as vascular occlusion or an acute visual impairment which need immediate treatment. The ACE Group Emergency Helpline will help to assist practitioners in these kinds of situations to help ensure patient safety.”

According to Dr King, the call handlers are in daily contact with each other and provide feedback both formally and informally to the ACE Group. The call handlers will have more formal peer-to-peer training in 2019 when they will audit the data collected from the Emergency Helpline. The ACE Group has medical indemnity insurance cover for the professional advice given.

For non-urgent advice, or where there is no immediate danger to the patient, practitioners are encouraged to obtain help from the ACE Group forum, contact the group via the website or by email.

According to the ACE Group, other updates are soon to come, including a website update, e-learning modules and national workshops for the management of complications will be rolled out.

As well as this, membership will be changing to full and associate members, with full members only including prescribing doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists and an associate membership consisting of non-prescribing nurses, pharmacists, midwives, HCP and GDC registered allied professionals. It will be a requirement for membership that any non-prescribing practitioner would need to have their prescriber registered with the ACE Group.


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