Ace Preview: Train with The Elite in London

09 Mar 2018

Be mentored by leading aesthetic training providers in the UK at the new Elite Training Experience on April 27-28.

It is without a doubt that high-quality education is of upmost importance to medical aesthetic practitioners of today, with training being essential for professional development and revalidation.

As there are many training providers in the UK, and certainly throughout the world, often practitioners find it extremely difficult to choose which is best for them.

But, what if you had the opportunity to have a ‘taster’ session with a training provider before committing the time and money to their full training course? This is where the Elite Training Experience comes in. This year, at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition (ACE) 2018, some of the most renowned training providers and presenters in the UK will showcase their esteemed courses in three-hour CPD-verified sessions, at just a fraction of the usual price. Better still, delegates will receive 10% off a future training course with the provider following their taster session.


Friday April 27: 10am-1pm

Led by award-winning consultant plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah, Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training (DHAT) courses are structured to equip both the aesthetic practitioner and trainer to develop, enhance and refine their clinical practice.

The DHAT Elite Training Experience will include elements of the various DHAT courses, giving delegates a true taste of what they can hope to gain from booking the full training.

This unique session will share practical and interactive injectable demonstrations and provide top tips on how to enhance product knowledge and skills using cannulas, while also discussing how to address specific skin and facial areas. On top of this, delegates will also receive a 10% discount voucher for TSK Laboratory, Cosmetic Digital and other companies, to use at ACE following the session.

The multidisciplinary international expert faculty will include coaching from Mr Humzah, award-winning cosmetic and dermatology nurse prescriber Anna Baker, US dermatologist Dr Hema Sundaram and German-based general surgeon, Dr Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda. Founder and director of Cosmetic Digital Adam Hampson will also provide his expertise on how practitioners can further develop their business and enhance their position in a competitive market. Mr Humzah said, “DHAT is a multi-award-winning teaching course, and I am absolutely delighted to be able to put together a ‘taster training’ session to run alongside ACE. I have made sure that our three-hour session features the most elite trainers from not just the UK, but from across the world as I feel it is vital that today’s injectors are educated from many different international perspectives.”


Friday April 27: 2pm-5pm

Academy 102, led by renowned aesthetic practitioner and multi-award-winning London clinic owner Dr Tapan Patel, is a purpose built aesthetic training provider that is designed to set the bar at a new high for education. With the mantra ‘pursuit of excellence’, its methodology is to ensure that practitioners are fully educated in the latest techniques, product knowledge and complications management. At the Elite Training Experience, Dr Patel will provide an engaging and interactive training session that will give delegates an informed overview of a wide range of injectable procedures. Through live procedure demonstrations and interactive videos from Dr Patel’s new e-MASTR network of high-definition animated videos, delegates will learn expert injection techniques and improve their anatomy knowledge. Dr Patel said, “I believe that unlike many other medical disciplines, the aesthetic practitioner needs to be able to balance a strong scientific background with an eye for artistic beauty. Knowing who to treat, what to treat them with and how to do the treatment safely is the cornerstone of aesthetic practice. Those who attend my Elite Training session will learn all this, and more, to maximise their knowledge of how to provide safe and successful treatments.”


Saturday April 28: 10am-1pm

The second day of the Elite Training Experience will feature Medics Direct Training, presented by international speaker and distinguished aesthetic practitioner Dr Kate Goldie. Medics Direct Training is an established medical aesthetic training provider that uses evidence-based techniques and products. It has trained more than 4,000 practitioners since 2007, and prides itself in not only delivering training, but providing support, encouragement and expert advice to help develop and enhance every practitioners’ practice. Dr Goldie will present a lively, dynamic session on the latest techniques in aesthetics at the Elite Training Experience. Dr Goldie will focus on aesthetic artistry – teaching the art of cheek and mid-face enhancements, lip sculpting, combining perioral treatments and the art of creating the perfect facial profile. After completion of the workshop, delegates will receive a complementary e-learning module with the highlights, technique videos and theory of the session. Dr Goldie said, “I regularly present at conferences and international trainings across the world so I can definitely bring new ideas to practitioners who want to enhance their treatment offerings. My session will include live demonstrations, techniques, facial analysis and evidence-based treatment approaches to boost your confidence, challenge your ideas and grow your practice!”


Saturday April 28: 2pm-5pm

The final Elite Training Experience session will be RA Academy, led by award-winning global key opinion leader Dr Raj Acquilla. RA Academy provides a unique approach to dermal filler and botulinum toxin training, offering practitioners with what Dr Acquilla believes to be the latest and most innovative facial rejuvenation techniques from around the globe. With more than 13 years' experience, Dr Acquilla is deemed as an expert in medical aesthetics, facial contouring and volume replacement. In his Elite Training Experience session, Dr Acquilla will be joined by aesthetic nurse prescriber and trainer Jane Wilson, who has spent extensive time on advanced training courses across the world and brings a fresh perspective to RA Academy. Aesthetic practitioner Dr Liesel Holler will also be presenting and demonstrating, showcasing her unique skills in aesthetics. In the three-hour taster session, they will present on facial aesthetic ideals for different genders, facial assessment, treatment planning, anatomy for hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injections, as well as risk avoidance and complication management. The session will also feature live demonstrations of Dr Acquilla’s unique full-face approach using injectables. Dr Acquilla said, “This session is not to be missed. My principles are grounded in the promotion of excellence, safety, science, education and not just satisfaction, but also delighting my patients with exceptional results through precise facial mapping and beautification.”

Aesthetics journal editor and ACE 2018 programme organiser, Amanda Cameron answers frequently asked questions

Q: Who can attend the Elite Training Experience?

A: Sessions are restricted to doctors, nurses and dentists and may only be booked with a valid GMC, NMC or GDC number. Don’t forget, though, there are so many other amazing CPD-verified sessions on offer at ACE, which are free to attend and open to other aesthetic professionals. Some restrictions do apply to Masterclasses, so it’s best to check the agenda in advance!

Q: I have already seen one of these trainers present, what’s new?

A: You may have seen some of these renowned trainers present before, but this is the first time where content from their established training courses has been featured at a conference. The trainers will delve into specific training material and share exclusive insights, which would not usually be revealed at typical conference lectures. This is an unmissable opportunity to learn from some of the best providers in aesthetics, whilst gaining CPD points!

Q: What’s the difference between the Elite Training Experience and the free sessions

at ACE? A: The Elite Training Experience is a separate event which is coinciding with ACE. This is a paid-for agenda and unlike the free sessions at ACE, it is much longer and provides an alternative learning experience as it is based on specific training approaches. Plus, you are guaranteed a seat in a great learning environment!

Q: Can I attend ‘taster’ sessions of these training providers elsewhere?

A: These three-hour CPD-verified ‘taster’ sessions are exclusive to the Elite Training Experience and the content has been assembled especially. You won’t see this training anywhere else!

Q: I am from abroad, what are the benefits of coming to the UK?

A: The UK is leading the way in the aesthetics specialty and we have chosen these Elite Trainers because they are among the best the country has to offer. Also, why not give yourself an excuse to visit the best city in the world – London!

Make the most of the free benefits
For a fraction of the usual price, at just £195 +VAT per session, every delegate who books a session within the Elite Training Experience will have an exclusive 10% off any future training with their chosen training provider. As well as this, booking also allows free entry to ACE 2018, which encompasses 47 clinical and business sessions and an exhibition of more than 80 aesthetic companies.

For more information, or to book before places run out, click here.


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