Advanced Esthetics Solutions launches She-Lase

25 Jun 2018

Aesthetic device company Advanced Esthetics Soultions (AES) has introduced its new She-Lase mixed modality laser.

The aim of the device is to use CO2 and two wavelengths to perform vaginal atrophy, stress urinary incontinence, vulvar remodelling and vaginal rejuvenation treatments. According to AES the laser does this by using both 1540 nm and 10600 nm in sequential emission to ablate the superficial dermis and stimulate the mucosa’s collagen production. The company claims the thermal diffusion under the ablated areas using CO2 is minimal and that this technology produces more hydration, less post-treatment bruising and risk of infection.

Douglas Sykes, managing director AES said, “The She-Lase is a very unique platform, the clinical results speak for themselves, with 50% of women over the age of 50 suffering with SUI the market for this platform is huge. With zero maintenance and consumable cost the return on investment is very quick and patient satisfaction very high.”


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