SPONSORED: 60 Seconds with Dr Askari Townshend

22 Jun 2017

Dr Askari Townshend, founder and medical director of ASKINOLOGY, explains more about the 3JUVE

What techniques are you currently using for facial skin rejuvenation?

At ASKINOLOGY, I have access to many different treatments and most fall into three groups: treating lines and wrinkles, colours and laxity. I rarely use just one modality – tackling the problem in different ways often gives better results. 

I’ve been using the new 3JUVE facial skin rejuvenation platform from Lynton Lasers more and more – it is convenient with three modalities on one platform to treat each of the groups already mentioned.

This also allows my staff and I to combine treatments without having to leave the room or fire up other systems.

So, how does the Lynton 3JUVE treatment work?

The 3JUVE combines three different skin rejuvenation technologies, a fractional 2940 nm laser for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, a 585 nm IPL for treating general skin discolouration, and radiofrequency which helps lift and tighten skin.

Switching from one modality to another is quick and easy to enable combination treatments without difficulty. This also means that we can create truly bespoke treatment plans for our patients.

Can you tell us a little more about the science behind the Lynton 3JUVE and how it gets results?

The first technology, fractional laser 2940 nm, creates tiny micro-spots of ablation in the epidermis alongside some thermal trauma, which together, induce a wound-healing response, resulting in the remodelling of collagen fibres. This stimulated collagen renewal helps to dramatically reduce static wrinkles and fine lines on a patient’s face. 

The second technology, 585 Lynton IPL, selectively targets melanin (pigment) and/or haemoglobin (vascular) causing a photothermal effect, eliminating unwanted pigmentation and reducing the appearance of discolouration. The third technology, radiofrequency, utilises electro-magnetic radio waves to cause micro-vibrations within the tissue to induce advanced dermal heating, stimulating fibroblast cells to produce new collagen and elastin creating stronger, firmer dermal tissue. This is especially useful for treating a loss of firmness, particularly seen around the eye and jawline areas. 


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