Advertorial: ARtery 3D is looking for distributors

28 Sep 2022

Virtual anatomical imaging company ARtery 3D is looking for distributors who are ready for the future.

ARtery 3D is an app that allows aesthetic practitioners to visualise the unique arterial network of their patients through augmented reality (AR). The facial arteries of every individual are unique and, as a result, practitioners can never know with 100% certainty where to inject fillers.

With ARtery 3D, practitioners can see the arteries in AR on their smartphone, while performing the treatment. This results in an improved, more accurate and therefore safer way of performing filler injections.

This new technology can take filler procedures to a whole new level, and in order to do that, they need ambitious partners to become a part of their community. That’s why it is now launching a Distributor Programme in England, the Benelux and Spain.

So if you are a filler distributor who wants to start selling the most innovative and cutting-edge technology in aesthetics, you might be the perfect partner to help ARtery 3D change the world of fillers.

Do you feel like boosting and upscaling your business? Don’t wait – hop on board and contact them to provide you with all the details and marketing plans.


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