Advertorial: Introducing EMSCULPT NEO

21 Jul 2021

The revolutionary 2-in-1 HIFEM + RF combination offers a new level of aesthetic outcomes, versatility, and commercial success


In 2018 body contouring changed forever with the introduction of EMSCULPT into the non-surgical aesthetic arena. The EMSCULPT brand is recognised by peers around the world, it has won numerous awards, and since its introduction in 2018, performed more than 800,000 treatments in more than 2,500 clinics globally. Pushing the boundaries within the aesthetic industry, EMSCULPT NEO takes the ground-breaking EMSCULPT brand to the next level, and beyond. BTL Industries presents the first 2-in-1 solution to help patients achieve the next level in body shaping results. It is the world’s first non-invasive procedure that simultaneously combines HIFEM+ and synchronised radiofrequency, treating the fat effectively in addition to the muscles.

Recently, BTL further introduced new applicators, enabling EMSCULPT NEO to treat fat and muscle in nine body areas, including abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and calves. The synergy of HIFEM+ and RF, delivered simultaneously, creates consistent results; it is a faster, more economical and more efficacious solution than any combination of multiple procedures.

Practitioner feedback

Dr Rita Rakus, the first EMSCULPT NEO adopter in the UK, commented, “In my 30 years in the medical aesthetic industry I have never come across a machine like this. I have used three EMSCULPTs in my practice with consistent fantastic results and very happy patients. These systems are all fully booked, generating very substantial revenues, which would not be happening if we weren’t delivering patient satisfaction; it’s as simple as that. If EMSCULPT revolutionised my practice, then EMSCULPT NEO has raised our performance both clinically and commercially. In fact, I’ve recently taken delivery of my second EMSCULPT NEO system.”

Dr Rakus adds that the addition of RF has created even greater fat reduction and improved the comfort of the treatment by heating the muscle before it receives its supramaximal workout. “We are definitely also seeing an improvement in skin quality in the treated area which logically must come from the RF heating component.”

Mr Kambiz Golchin, consultant surgeon and the first owner of EMSCULPT NEO in Ireland, was also keen to raise the bar in his non-surgical offering. He said, “I was very impressed with EMSCULPT outcomes, as were my patients, so for me to upgrade to EMSCULPT NEO, BTL would have to raise the bar considerably. They did, and I am incredibly happy to report that patients are even more elated with the results. This drives greater commercial success as all of my team love using the device, because it creates highly elated clients which raises enthusiasm in the clinic even higher.”

Clinical studies

The FDA-cleared and medically CE marked EMSCULPT NEO, removes on average 30% of the fat in the treated area and increases muscle by 25%. These statistics are drawn from extensive clinical research and clinical publications. Dr Rakus states, “BTL always carry out extensive research and development with extensive clinical publications prior to commercial launch. They use methods normally reserved for medical and surgical devices including MRI, CT scans, histology and ultrasound to accurately record what is actual happening anatomically.”

Dr Rakus continues, “Working with BTL for over a decade I always feel we are offering treatments at the forefront of the technology curve. We all know that this can be a hazardous place to be, I like many others have adopted technologies early to find they really didn’t meet expectations or manufacturers marketing claims. The reason I love working with BTL is that with 300 R&D engineers, always without fail, their new technologies are so extensively tested in the clinical environment that you are always 100% sure they will deliver the results claimed. This has proven to be very much the case with the EMSCULPT NEO.”

There are now more than 40 published papers on HIFEM technology, making it the most intensively researched non-invasive body shaping modality in recent years. However, the attraction of EMSCULPT NEO goes beyond these simple statistical increases, and Dr Rakus notes that she’s seeing substantial increase in interest from both slimmer patients and men, especially for the legs and arms with the new small applicators.

Mr Golchin added, “As a surgeon using surgical equipment, I rely heavily on the manufacturer to deliver the tools to do the job. I put the same emphasis of evidence-based medicine on tools used in my non-surgical work, and the creditability of the BTL publications gives me that confidence.”


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