AesthetiCare introduces new technology

28 Sep 2018

Skincare and device distributor AesthetiCare has released plans to incorporate new anti-pollution technology into two of its product lines.

The technology, known as Edafence, has been created by Cantabria Labs, the company that develops skincare ranges Heliocare 360° and Endocare.

Edafence aims to provide long-lasting defence against pollution, sunlight and tobacco smoke. Derived from Antarctic grass, the company states that it prevents damage caused by pollution by preventing the initial stimulation of the AHR gene in key skin cells.

The technology will be featured in the Endocare-C Ferulic Edafence, a serum that contains 10% vitamin C and 0/5% ferulic acid, as well as a complete new range called NeoRetin Rejuvemax, which combines vitamin A, C and E as well as niacinamid. 

NeoRetin Rejuvemax consists of four products including the Day Defense, Transition Cream, the NeoRetin Rejuvemax Gel that is designed for those new to vitamin A for overnight renewal, and the Gel Intense, which is targeted to those who have already been using vitamin A based products.

According to the company, the range is designed to increase cell turnover, smooth lines and wrinkles, frim skin, restore elasticity and defend against damage caused by pollution.

NeoRetin Rejuvemax and Endocare-C Ferulic Edafence is available through AesthetiCare.  


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