On the Scene: Aliaxin and Profhilo Masterclass, London

29 Jan 2018

The Aliaxin and Profhilo Masterclass took place at the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) on November 18th and was designed for selected advanced practitioners with previous clinical experience of both treatments.

Ran by Dr Gabriel Dameto, delegates were given a full insight into IBSA Italia's heritage in the specialist manufacturing of hyaluronic acid raw material, specifically the dermo-aesthetic division. Iveta Vinklerova, sales and marketing manager at HA-Derma also introduced the whole team and focused on the support practitioners can expect in 2018. The session concluded by introducing IBSA’s GPS (Guide to Product Selection) scale, which aims to give practitioners a universal and meaningful tool to select each product based on rheological characteristics for optimal treatment outcomes.

Dr Dameto presented the multi-level approach to treating dynamic and static facial areas, illustrated with case studies, and a live demonstration using the 'double layer technique' specifically designed for the Hydrolift technology portfolio of products.

He provided six steps for 'the perfect lip and perioral rejuvenation' by understanding the lip ageing process, using the most appropriate treatment techniques for different lip shapes and volume, with both Aliaxin FL (fine lines) and Aliaxin GP (global performance).

The end of the day focused on neck rejuvenation techniques combining Aliaxin SR and Profhilo, before looking at case studies and performing a live demonstration using advanced combination techniques for the periorbital, forehead and temple areas with Aliaxin SR and GP. 


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