Allurion produces 20,000 weight loss balloons

09 Apr 2020

First launched in 2017, the Elipse Balloon, made by medical technology manufacturer Allurion, has now been used by over 20,000 clients globally.

The Elipse balloon was designed to suppress patient appetite and teach portion control.

On the business growth, Shantanu Gaur, co-founder of the Elipse, commented, “I am very proud of our team for building one of the fastest growing weight loss brands in the world. What I am more proud of, however, is how we have built our brand. Amidst our rapid growth, we have never lost sight of our ultimate goal of creating frictionless weight loss experiences that delight our customers. That desire has been in our DNA since Day one and will remain there whether we have 20,000 or 20 million clients.”

The company has also set up the One Million Weight Loss Challenge, aiming to help its customers' patients around the world shed a million pounds by the end of the year.


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