Almirall calls for partners to develop new dermatology therapies

21 Aug 2019

AlmirallShare, a proprietary of Spanish pharmaceutical company Almirall, has launched to aim to find medical professionals to identify, validate or test new treatments for chronic immune-inflammatory diseases of the skin.

Diseases to be covered include psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and pemphigus vulgaris, and the call is open until October 31. Scientists in universities, research centres, start-ups, bio-techs or pharmaceutical companies worldwide are all encouraged to to take part.

The company will also offer grants of up to €250,000 and scientific support to the selected proposals, it states.

Many chronic immune-inflammatory diseases, irrespective of the organ affected, share common mechanisms, pathways and players. Psoriasis has therapies in common with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis; atopic dermatitis with asthma; pemphigus with lupus, to name a few. We would be delighted to explore with our partners a target, pathway or therapy, related to any immune-inflammatory disease, that can be of use on a dermatological indication,” said Nuria Godessart, head of biology at Almirall.


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