Antiageing book launches

06 Dec 2018

Dr Duncan Carmichael, who has had 25 years working as a medical doctor and regularly lectures and speaks at conferences on aesthetics and antiageing medicine, has authored a new book; Younger for Longer.

According to Dr Carmichael, the book provides a comprehensive understanding of what optimal health is, how to get it and ‘how you can slow down the ageing process and stay healthy for life’.

Topics throughout the book include nutrition, toxins, men’s health, women’s health and an understanding why our skin, brain and liver age.

Dr Carmichael said, ““My inspiration for writing this book came from my passion in antiageing medicine. The body is a complex thing and more often than not, finding good health is not always about detoxing or taking lots of supplements but more about looking at our lifestyle as a whole. For example, our hormone levels vary throughout our life, but if they are supported correctly they can keep us youthful and vital into our final years. This book aims to provide readers with tips on how they can stay healthy for life and in turn, look younger for longer.”


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