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02 Jul 2019

A roundup of the latest news and events from the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses


Booking for the annual BACN Autumn Aesthetic Conference is open on the new-look BACN website – making it easier than ever for members to book on, check out exhibitors, and take a look at the programme for this year.

The BACN is proud to announce a range of new speakers, who can all be found on the events page. BACN members once more have access to hotel packages and are encouraged to book earlier rather than later – last year the conference sold out with more than two weeks to go, and hotel packages with months left.

The conference will have the same two-day format as last year – with a masterclass day on Thursday November 7 and the traditional conference with exhibitors on Friday 8. If you have any issues booking or want more information – contact Sarah Greenan, BACN operations manager at


Throughout June the BACN Board and staff members met to discuss a wide range of strategic objectives, with developments due to be put in place at the end of the year.

We discussed how to deliver outcomes such as governance overhaul, along with outlining details for the BACN Aesthetic Nurse framework and how this will impact membership for 2020. After this meeting, BACN regional leaders got together with event manager Tara Glover to look at the Regional Meeting format and discuss new ideas for Autumn and the new year.


There are still some places available for members to book the Facial Anatomy courses with a discount, which can be found on the events page of the BACN website. The BACN partners with training companies that offer an incredible opportunity for members to learn techniques and skills to really understand the facial structure with hands-on training.

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