BCAM releases statement for dentists in aesthetics

22 Jun 2018

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) has released a statement, written by aesthetic dentist Dr Sami Stagnell, encouraging other dentists to join the body.

The statement comes as a result of the announcement in January this year that dentists are eligible to join the BCAM.

Dr Stagnell stated, “By belonging to and working with this well-established association, we can engage positively in peer supported activities, improving our networks and enhancing our skills.” He continued, “Many dentists fear that they do not see the volumes of patients needed to be an associate or full member of BCAM. However, there are alternatives for those who are starting earlier in their career, including the BCAM Academy, and this is where I would strongly encourage many to go to.”

He goes on to discuss the importance of appraisals and Personal Development Plans, which he explains are ‘crucial’ for an individual’s development.

He stated, “BCAM has been providing support for UK licensed doctors having appraisals for some time, part of which is developing PDPs and helping provide quality improvement evidence. Dentists who want to prove to the regulators and their patients that they can deliver gold standard, safe care as educated and well-trained practitioners, can look for similar support from BCAM in the future, for example in providing example audits and documentation around good quality aesthetic care. As part of the new ePDP process for dentists, this is essential and BCAM can support clinicians in producing a quality-assured and appropriate plan that helps reflect what is needed by the regulators"

BCAM president, Dr Paul Charlson, added, “I am absolutely delighted that BCAM is an organisation for doctors and dentists. I think it’s important to include dentists because they currently don’t have a body to represent them in aesthetics. Also, there is a huge number of dentists practising out there so it’s a good opportunity for them to really work with us and increase their skills and knowledge.” 


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