BCAM Training Academy launches  

25 Sep 2017

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) confirmed at its Annual Autumn Conference on September 23 that it has introduced a training academy.

The BCAM Training Academy is targeted towards doctors who do not yet fulfil the criteria to become BCAM members, who, for example, don’t have certain evidential documents such as completion of three years General Professional Medical Training. The academy aims to help educate them in the importance of appropriate aesthetic training, patient safety, complication management, CPD sessions, appraisal, audit work and professionalism within the field.

Doctors who join will receive an invitation to the annual BCAM Conference, a comprehensive list of BCAM members who are willing to provide advice and support on clinical queries, mentoring with BCAM members, information and support on getting into medical aesthetics, access to lists of BCAM-approved training courses and an online forum.

The overall goal is that, through this programme, these doctors will graduate through BCAM and join its group of members who are already committed to excellence in aesthetics.

According to BCAM, opening its doors to support new doctors will help build a strong core of professionals within the specialty.

“BCAM is committed to ensuring the effective, safe and ethical practice of medical aesthetics. We place a very strong importance on education and training for our doctors and on helping to keep our members at the forefront of their field,” said BCAM president Dr Paul Charlson, adding, “Through the Academy, BCAM aims to increase doctors’ education, build on clinical standards, increase patient safety and consumer education and strive for excellence in our professional standards.” 


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