Beamwave releases new device PlaSon

13 Apr 2018

Beamwave Technologies has launched the PlaSon, a new device that combines plasma and ultrasonic technology that aims to bring multiple benefits to the skin.

The PlasmaPoration handpiece aims to remove the bacteria and help absorb essential drugs into the skin tissue, as well as aid with skin regeneration by stimulating generation of collagen and fibroblasts, in addition to anti-pigmentation by suppressing melanin pigment. 

Similarly, the SonoPortaion handpiece aims to increase the cell absorption and drug delivery into the cells, strengthen skin elasticity by stimulating blood circulation, as well as purify the skin by facilitating the emission of melanin in the dermis and epidermis. T

he device can be used alone with either the PlasmaPoration or SonoPortaion functions, or it can use a combination of both. When both treatments are merged the device can be used for transdermal drug absorption, treating wrinkles, scars, inflammation and wound healing. 

Visit Beamwave at stand 43 at ACE 2018 on April 27-28. 


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