British College of Aesthetic Medicine Conference, London

03 Oct 2016

Aesthetic doctors from across the UK gathered at the prestigious Church House Conference Centre in Westminster for the annual British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) conference on Saturday September 24.

Two programmes ran side-by-side throughout the day, showcasing the latest clinical and business topics in aesthetics and providing delegates with insightful live demonstrations.

Dr Beatriz Molina, vice president of BCAM and conference director, welcomed guests in the building’s Assembly Hall for the main lecture programme. Speaking first was Dr Sangita Singh, who outlined different types of patients and gave advice on how to recognise ‘the red flag patient’, summarising her talk with, ‘if in doubt, just say no to treatment’.

Other highlights of the morning session included Mr Rajiv Grover’s presentation, which emphasised the importance of having an aesthetic eye to ensure facial balance, which then led to an interactive panel discussion that included insights from Mr Grover, Dr Uliana Gout, Dr Ravi Jain, Dr Amanda Wong-Powell, Dr Xavier Goodarzian and Dr Molina. The panel discussed treatments around the eye, including the use of fillers, botulinum toxin and threads, and their talks were complemented by live demonstrations, including a Plexr treatment performed by Dr David Jack.

After a hot lunch, Dr Tahera Bhojani-Lynch discussed treating the male face, asking audience members how many treat men in their clinics – half of the delegates raised their hands. Dr Bhojani-Lynch went on to explain that, in her clinic, the majority of male patients want to treat their crow’s feet, however, by using examples of celebrities such as Brad Pitt and David Beckham, who’s looks have increased and become more masculine with age, she stressed that practitioners should not be necessarily trying to make men look younger, but rather more masculine, ‘it’s not that they don’t want treatment, it’s that the don’t know what they want,’ she stated.

Meanwhile, in the business and clinical innovations sessions, aesthetic professionals presented sponsored demonstrations and business talks on a range of topics including skin peels, insurance and choosing skincare. Gary Conroy and Amanda Cameron, co-founders of private label cosmeceutical company 5 Squirrels, examined how to increase patient referrals and patient loyalty, and Dr Philip Dobson, who was joined by a full audience, provided the latest legal medical advice for practitioners.

The last topic of the day on the clinical agenda saw Dr Lucy Glancey and Dr Wong-Powell detailing developments in vaginal rejuvenation. A closing statement by Dr Wong-Powell was highly received with applause from the audience. She said, ‘We need to think as a group about the ethics of this procedure, who should be doing these treatments and if we are doing right by our patients.’

Throughout the day delegates were also able to network with distributors and suppliers in the exhibition. Lorna Bowes, director of medical aesthetics distributor AestheticSource, said the room had a high energy, “We’ve had a really good conference today, the stand has been packed with people wanting to know more about our mesotherapy and peels, redness neutralizing serum and our new retinol plus our n-acetyl glucosamine product – it’s been buzzing."

BCAM president Dr Paul Charlson said of the conference, “It’s been great; it’s the one time you get all BCAM members and associations together to discuss aesthetics – it’s been a really good networking event.”

He added, “We are a trying to provide more dialogue on things that might not be discussed as much, like how to deal with difficult patients, complications and complaints. All these things are common in aesthetic practice but are not often talked about. The more people start to talk about these things, the more they don’t go wrong.”


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